Preface:  This is somewhat lengthy, but intentionally.  The ‘Mentors’ have instructed it to be so.  There is a lot being said/written regarding these moments in our planet’s transition.  However, it has been mostly in a language and manner most ‘common folk’ reject or do not understand.  In addition, too often these subjects are decorated with animations, ‘fantasy-land’ visuals that create the illusion that it is a transition into a Utopian world, a perfect place where we will not be challenged or have the real world to deal with anymore.  This is a deception we have traditionally fell–for as such a ‘paradise’ has been the lure of religions and political powers throughout history.   

The following is a paraphrased dictation of what essential people can and will relate to and understand in a relevant and applicable way.  Its intentions are to provide a more ‘grounded’ view of events and understanding of the interactions of a multi-dimensional universe so you can be acutely aware of yourself and the happenings around you.  With this, you (and I) can be a practical, everyday vehicle for the manifestation of positive events and eventualities.  This is our job. 

The Substance

‘Quantumism’ is the awareness, in theory or direct experience, of a multi-dimensional reality that exists within the same space and time.

Right now, as you read this commentary, you are doing exactly what this reality is.  You are isolating one specific frequency (wave length), whatever you want to call it, so you can see the reality I am presenting to you.  The same applies to your television or phone.

Meanwhile, how many other frequencies (or realities) are present, at the same time and space, you are not focused on?  Hundreds, thousands, millions, billions?  They are there, now.  You are isolating you and I into a specific ‘dimension of reality’ so this  commentary is something you and I can share.  This is only one example of ‘Quantumism’.

Going back in order to know the present.

Life is a ‘quantum-continuum’ of events interpreted and manifested within the ability of those to define and manifest it in a useful way at that moment in time. In our most present past, the religions and monastic cults have pursued this reality in a common way.  It is a form of meditation, a practice that allows the human consciousness to leave its ‘mind-set’, even leave its body, and transcend into other dimensions of reality.

These ‘dimensions’ have been defined in many ways.  Ethereal, astral, upper astral, Budhia, Nirvana, heavens, and so forth.   The book of Revelations attempted to describe this ‘quantum’ reality as a city….a city with 12 foundations, 12 gates, each with a pearl of color and Frequency/sound/word.

With all these efforts, the reality was and is:  We are living in a multi-dimensional, ‘quantum’ universe.  These dimensions of reality are separated by what was referred to as ‘THE WORD’, the sound current, the voice of God, a Resonance.  In our present day terminology, we can legitimately refer to them as ‘frequencies’, an audible ‘resonance’, a sound current.

How this applies to you and I.

It has everything to do with us.  What is happening within and around us, at every moment, that is relevant to our ‘life-form’ and how we perceive and act upon this reality we are living?  These may seem to be ridiculous questions to most folks but they are the very essence of our existence.

Why?  Because action and reaction, the ongoing consequences of them, our thoughts and actions, resonate like waves on water, through the ‘Quantums’ of time and space.  What purpose does this awareness have, anyway?  For the most part, this ‘awareness’ helps us to go through the process of liberating ourselves from the smallness, the doctrines of a long-outdated form of religion that makes us think small and regimented into a one-dimensional world.

What we call ‘Phenomenon’

Much of our experiences with ‘ghosts’, unexplained events within our homes, even within the cycles of habits within ourselves, are real.  As an example, as you listen to a radio you often have other channels (frequencies) interfere with what you were listening to.  The same is true with the co-existence of ‘life-consciousness’ as it inadvertently, or deliberately, crosses over into our isolated dimension of consciousness.

‘Possessions’ can happen, and do, more often than we accept.  It is often there is a bond between two or more lives that create a realm of thought and activity guided by more than one person.  A spouse still holding onto a spouse, a child and parent still holding onto each other and one has no idea it is happening; yet, the dictates of another life directs the course of thought and actions of the one it possesses.

A weak, empty, mindless person (or in times of acute crisis) can invoke or invite another life-consciousness to take-over and give some form of purpose to he/she it possesses.  We are witnessing an accelerated form of this today as individuals do horrific things to others.

I have had folks I loved most dearly who have one or more other souls living and directing their lives vicariously without the individual being aware of it.  Often, however, these individuals invite and welcome this ’possession’ and live at the preferences, whimsies, jealousies of souls who live within them.

At one time, I was solicited by psychiatric institutions in the practice of exorcisms.  Imagine folks who would and could totally change their physical bodies and/or personalities according to the moods and assortments of those who ‘possessed’ them.  Keep in mind, it is often that more than one other ‘consciousness’ can attach itself to a singular person.

Over the years, I have been asked to rid homes of ‘ghosts’.  Homes establish a ‘frequency’, a resonance established by those who once lived there.  As they pass-on they are still, for various reasons, attached to that home as a resonate vortex and refuse to leave it.  Of course, you have sensed the good and bad ‘energy’ within homes.  Raising the ‘frequency’, the level of functionable resonance, is the only way to provoke or encourage these ‘ghosts’ to go on, leave, release themselves from this space and its attractive sentiments.

Mass Consciousness

Throughout history we see, and witness today, how a ‘mass consciousness’ can manifest and impose itself upon others.  Going back in known time, Genghis Khan, Alexander, Moses, Constantine, Mohammad, Hitler and so many others, manifested a ‘mass consciousness’.  To assume, in its simplicity, these people captivated and directed a multitude of people on their own is not the case.

In all of the above individuals there was a primary Light/Frequency often referred to as the ‘First Ray’, The Will.  It is a resonant channel that not only acts as a receiver but a broadcaster.  In today’s terminology this is ‘Multiplexing’ (bi-directional transmission). These personalities are aggressive or passive-aggressive by nature.   Uniquely, they are ancient souls innately designed with open ‘portals’ or ‘vortex centers’ in all seven primary centers of the body.  It is magnetic; and can allow multi-dimensional energies, life-forms, entities to channel through them.  Thus, the ‘Quantum’ and amplified ability of these other life-forms to distribute themselves among the multitudes of people.   This is, in reality, a form of ‘mass possessionism’.

On a more organic level, we see this ‘common consciousness’ in fish, birds, ants and so forth.  It is abstract in the sense that it has no material substance; yet, it is an active reality of another level or multiple levels of conscious life, active from and within a Quantum Universe.

(On a personal note, I am a first ray person and know, very well, how these things work.  Among the many lessons I am to achieve in this life-span is a singular humility and a more gentle approach to relationships with others. There is still a lot of work to do on that matter.)  

In our present day, the technology involving communications, video, video games, social medias, so-called ‘news medias’ all present an unprecedented opportunity for programing a ‘mass consciousness’ to oblige and serve a particular perspective of thought.  It is, fundamentally, ‘indoctrination’, mind control, reprogramming a populous, an approach to creating a ‘mass possessionism’.  

The Other Side

There is another side to the First Ray soul.  Jesus, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, spiritual masters such as Kirpal Singh and countless others were all First Ray people with open vortex channels.  The difference lays in the discretionary Will within them that allowed a full spectrum of light and ‘Upward’ resonance to flow through them.  They lived and manifested the ‘Sound Current’ that was on the return side (ascension) of the multiple Quantums of consciousness.

Even in the remarkable lives and legacies of these souls there were, and remain, those who pervert the intentions of their missions.  The old parable of the wolf in sheep’s clothing applies.  Again, our existence is a continuum of complex coexistence within each of us.  We live a Quantum life.

The Quantum ‘Alien’

What is an ‘Alien’?  We use the word loosely and apply it to many scenarios.  In general, it is someone or thing that does not ‘innately belong’ in a place we assume it should be.  Frankly, the universe, on this frequency level of consciousness, is full of life.  There are civilizations of highly evolved souls living throughout the universe.

Einstein’s theory of relativity and ‘folded time and space’ is not just a theory.  It was a ‘multi-leveled’ theory applicable to this ‘frequency of atomic relationships’ but also to the ‘multi-dimensional (Quantum) universe.  This is, essentially, what Transcendentalism, Transcendences, Visions, Prophecies are about…. a moment when the individual’s ‘consciousness’ attunes to another frequency and, thus, another channel (or dimension) of reality.  Nostradamus, Tesla, Einstein and countless and unnamed folks have been aware of, and used, this throughout our history as a species.

What we refer to as ‘Aliens’ are folks who live here, visit by way of dimensional travel or ‘folded time-space’ travel.  They, as a whole, have been attentive to this planet long before our particular species arrived.  They, too, have a long history, good and bad, within their origin and on this planet.

And, if the ultimate facts were ever to be acknowledged, we are ‘Aliens’.  We were not and are not indigenous to this planet as part of its natural evolution of species.  The human is a specifically designed organic entity, designed by ‘others’ and planted here long ago.  If you seriously look at the manner in which we function and relate to the world around us, we don’t naturally belong here.  We don’t fit well with the innate planet.

Slow acceptance

Presently, the frequencies of this planet are changing to a higher resonance.  The planet is rotating significantly faster, religion (Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Judaism, virtually all structures of ‘faith’), governmental structures, inter-racial/ethnic critical apexes, natural climate adjustments, the core intensity of our sun, planetary alignments are all occurring simultaneously.

This also includes a greater activity, appearances, interactions with humanity by ‘aliens’, our creators, mentors and visitors.  The concern is that we have evolved/devolved to a degree we are at a crossroads whereby we will either make a spiritually evolutionary transition or destroy ourselves and this beautiful planet along with us.

The path to this moment has taken millennia.  It did not just begin yesterday.  A substantial portion of our present population is aware of what is presented here, though concluded and presented in a variety of ways, vocabularies and pre-assumptions of events and conclusions.

Though this is totally normal it still allows the opportunity for formation of ‘cults’, ‘exclusive groups and communities’, ideologies resulting in the same-o-same-o wrapped in a different package, full of platitudes and flowery wordage.  We must be conscious of these dangers as individuals.  Otherwise, we are simply recycling our past rather than following a higher path.

The ‘Acceptance Quotient’ applies here.  First, the institutions of religions, politics, cults of science, academic cults, etherial cults will be required to adjust to the gleaning and awakening of the quantum and aspiring realities ahead of them.  It is a painful matter of knowing what to keep and what to throw away.  We all find ourselves, to some degree, within these categories of regimen.  And, ultimately, it requires an individual, personal ‘inside job’ each will be doing and enduring.

There will be no ‘Messiah’, no ‘Rambo’, no ‘Alien Salvation’ coming to the rescue.  The fundamental law of divine nature requires that true growth is achieved by ‘self-doing’.  We have had, and will continue to have, ‘coaching’, encouragements, information, some prevention, guidance from many sources.

To this end, I was first provided with the following when six years of age and refreshed, when more capable of translating it in 1967.  It was submitted as a treatise in a physics course where I received an F.  Nonetheless, it is more acceptable today and useful for those attempting to give credence and comprehension of our galactic Quantum structure, from the perspective of physics and metaphysics.  You will also find how it correlates with many aspects of religious scriptures, numerology, astrology, chromosome structures, genetics, mythologies, anthropology, astronomy and so forth.  Within this brief presentation will be ‘inserts/comments’ not in the original presentation.  The purpose is to hint, or lead, those most curious toward conclusions; and, perhaps, solutions, to issues of our time and future.

Quantum Relativity

The constants of reference for future ventures into the elements of light, frequency and sub-matter; and, as it applies to a multi-dimensional universe.

(1967.  Clayton Howard)

E=mc2 is a consummate equation, to be referenced by integrals as they relate to light, frequencies and selectivity within domains of a Quantum Universe.  It is not simply and exclusively relevant to atomic physics.

The following table of E=MC begins with the point of E=mc2 and progresses into the constants of matter, sub-matter (2 through 0), 0 (zero) being the absence of matter and pure light and a form of ‘life consciousness’ existing without E.  E being a product of Light (L) and Frequency (F).

Selectivity (S) is the consequence of L and F; and, this selectivity is the activity of the formation of matter (relationships between atoms, as energy vortexes, and the molecular formations that result from this ‘selectivity’).

The E=mc2 dimensional constant.  L+F+S=E (as primal equation)

Beginning with primal matter.   By tenths.

E=mc2             (S)                          2.0

E=mc1.9         (F)                           1.9                      Primal matter

E=mc1.8         (L)                           1.8..

                                               Sum: 57                     5+7=12      1+2=3

 E=mc1.7        (S)                           17

E=mc1.6        (F)                           16                     Etherial matter

E=mc1.5        (L)                           15

                                             Sum:  48                     4+8=12      1+2=3

E=mc1.4      (S)                             14

E=mc1.3      (F)                             13                      Astral

E=mc1.2      (L)                             12

                                            Sum:  39                       3+9=12    1+2=3

Note: The sums to this point total 144.  This is significant as it applies to comments in scriptures from a variety of canonized texts.  The real reference is to the number of frequencies within this domain of consciousness….12 frequencies within 12 domains=144.   

E=mc1.1     (S)                             11

E=mc1.0     (F)                             10                   Buddich.  Primal mind.

E=mc .9      (L)                               9

                                           Sum:  30                       3+0=03           =3

E=mc .8       (S)                             8

E=mc .7       (F)                             7                      Quantum dimensional mind.

E=mc .6       (L)                             6

                                          Sum:    21                      2+1=3             =3

E=mc .5      (S)                             5

E=mc .4      (F)                             4               The ‘Masters’ cannot find the words

E=mc .3      (L)                             3

                                         Sum:   12                         1+2=3            =3

E=mc .2      (S)                             2

E=mc .1      (F)                             1                Our catalytic origin. 

E=mc .0      (L)                             0                An ultimate consciousness

                                          Sum:   3                         3+0=3             =3

Total of sums: 210.                                               2+1+0=3        =3 

 Summations:  Math is the only pure science, the only universal language.  It applies to the physics of the universe and all concepts (and domains) of consciousness.

We all exist a nanosecond (blink of an eye) away from a transition into another frequency and awareness of life.  It is inevitable.  There are no physical survivors.

The axioms of 3, 6, 9, 12 are the mathematical dynamics of all creation.  Even the total of these numbers is 30 (3).  It is inescapable; and, the core meaning of the concepts of a ‘trinity’.

Within this simplistic awareness, there are those who have mastered, to their own degree, the dynamics of our multi-dimensional universe and contribute greatly to its wellbeing, and ours.

It is essential each individual maintain their ‘individuality’ while contributing to the collective consciousness that manifests the best in us.  It is our ‘independent individuality’ that contributes the purest power to the collect power and its intentions.

Throughout the known history of our species, the ultimate conflict has been one of ‘spiritual liberty’ versus ‘collective oppressions’.  Within this continued conflict is the assumption those who know best are most often the most devious.  It is the enlightened consciousness (soul) that will resist and overcome this darkness.

Every ‘domain’ of life has its issues.  Do not be naïve.  The authentic strength and awareness you gain in one domain prepares you for the next.

Finally, the ‘Mentors’ call-out to all who carry a humble light within them, “don’t be afraid’.

Your friend,

Clay Howard   (The Universal Infidel)

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