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“One who owns the youth owns the future.”  Adolf Hitler

“Fortunately for governments, the populous rarely thinks.”  Adolf Hitler

(Hitler, Marx and public education have these two philosophies in common.)

‘Wokeism’ attempts to define itself as ‘critical thinking’.  Yet, real critical thinking requires that it be critical of its thinking.  This, in itself, discredits ‘Wokeism’.  Clay (TheUniversalInfidel)

“Antifa is a hybrid, a mix of fascism and communism pretending to be ‘Anti-fascist’.”   Clay (TheUniversalInfidel)

“The reality of ‘Reparations’ should begin in Africa.”  Clay (TheUniversalInfidel)

“When only a government is allowed to declare treason it has the liberty of treason.”  Clay (TheUniversalInfidel)

“In their pure forms, socialism and communism cannot exist or sustain themselves without capitalism. This is the hypocrisy of idealisms.”  Clay (TheUniversalInfidel)

“Freedom of religion also defines the freedom from religions.  The virtues of religion are negated when it becomes a manifested zealotry of exclusivism.” Clay (TheUniversalInfidel)

“If insanity is defined as doing the same thing, repeatedly, and expecting different results, the human species demonstrates this condition.”  Clay (TheUniversalInfidel)

“When millions of humans witness the same event and interpret it in millions of different ways it is reasonable to assume reality is relative.”  Clay (TheUniversalInfidel)

“The Concept of Peace is so desirable while the economics of war is so essential. The paradox is profound.” Clay (TheUniversalInfidel)

“Real Pride is quiet.  Real Humility is silent.”  Clay (TheUniversalInfidel)

“To assume an infinite universe has only one planet of intelligent life is the greatest human audacity.”  Clay (TheUniversalInfidel)

“Change is the only Constant.  To be fretful of climate change is a frivolous form of denial.”  Clay (TheUniversalInfidel)

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