This commentator has contended, for many decades, the major consequence of planetary heat is human structures.  Of course, this was rejected.  Now, it is taken more seriously.

No need to get too fancy here.  Just look around you and at the overall transformations of the earth’s surface as humans convert the natural absorbent textures to reflective surfaces.  To assist in your expanded comprehension of this statement:

  • All the cities and towns and warehousing and assortments of structures built by humans, converted to square feet of reflective surfaces versus absorbent surfaces, will total an incredible impact upon divertant solar radiation. In other words, we are creating giant ‘heat radiators’ all over the planet.
  • All the concrete, asphalt, glass, steel, and plastics that reflect the sun’s radiation other than absorbing it in a naturally intended design are contributors to the planet’s increased temperatures.
  • A particular irony lies in the solar panel farms. The diverted reflectivity contributes to global heat.
  • Many millions of miles of highways, roads, bridges, sidewalks, parking lots and countless little items we do not consider, all contribute to a diversion of reflectivity.
  • In all the efforts to convert to energy alternatives, it is a frivolity as long as humans continue to alter the natural design of the relationship between our planet and the sun.
  • An insanely logical concept, instead of skyscrapers and massive complexes that impress our egos and compound our need for ‘energy’, mound-built structures are totally compatible with the earth/sun relationship.
  • Most of our so-called ‘experts’ and technologies designed for solutions are the antithesis of logic. To find the authentic motives behind these ideologies and efforts, follow the money.

An Additional Paradox

All the ‘surface conversions’ noted above are simultaneously inhibiting the earth’s capacity to store water.  All these ‘surfaces’ repel water rather than allowing it to be absorbed into the soils and subsurface of the planet.  Instead, we have totally human-created floods and droughts.  Only 2% of our planet’s water is fresh water.  Salting roads and a myriad of wastewater contributors from industries and civilization, in general, is continually diminishing water quality and integrity.

These are simple facts and examples of issues we will probably never take seriously.  The old Greek masks of laughter and crying are so relevant to the human drama.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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