Commentary On Global Accountability

Far too often people invent a cause, a purpose, with anger and resentments molded in a fixed little world of ideas implanted in their minds, without ever looking far enough to know what the whole story is.

The current issue of ‘reparations’ here applies to the idea that those who are black in America today deserve some bountiful paycheck for something that happened long ago.  Not a single person alive today was offended or the offender.  There are those who prey upon the issue of slavery and the tragedy of that time as if, somehow, people of today are responsible for it or victims of it.  Yet, in fact, today, all manners of race are in the same plight of economics, political manipulations, and divisiveness and are unwilling to step back and know the reality of the past and present.

For example, if you were to objectively look into the circumstances of Africa then, and now, you will find that the original reparations accountability begins in Africa. (The Curious History of Slavery in Africa. Written by Sandra Green) (Slavery in Contemporary Africa) (History of World Slavery..many versions available).   Why?  Step back, and think.  Do you think for one minute the Portuguese (principle ‘brokers’ of the slave market in West Africa) would dare to go into the mainland of the continent to round-up people for the slave market?  They would never return alive.

It was the African people, through tribal rivalries and general greed, that raided villages and herded the best marketable people to the coast to be sold to the ‘brokers’.  The ‘brokers’, in turn, sold these misfortunate people to the investors.  It was a multi-layered market.

In this specific example, where do the ‘reparations’ begin?  If one were to arrange the accountability legitimately it would begin with a diverse number of tribal interests and groups in Africa.  The idea that folks of the black race would want to sue and petition other black folks for something done so long ago would not be acceptable.  It is too realistic, too honest, too raw in reality.  Your black neighbor, today, may be a descendant of the ‘black slavers’ of yesterday.  This reality is hurtful.  It endangers the need to hate.  It puts fault in the hands of everyone of the past, not just one group of people.

Part 2

The concept of slavery has many variations.  Indentured Servitude also had its place as a form of slavery.  Many who came to the Americas were under some form of Indentured Servitude.  The Native American people, of both North and South America, vested their cultures in various forms of slavery.

In every part of the planet, in every culture, race, time and place, some form of socio-subservience was customary and an essential part of society.  Today, whether we want to be aware of it or not, various forms of slavery exist; and, in greater numbers than ever before.  As governments form, they, often as not, create structures that make people dependent, weak and yielding to their will. The Democratic Socialist Party in America, past and present, is a formidable example of this devious politic.  Is this not also a form of ‘servitude’?  Look around you.  Look at yourself and your personal ‘dependent servitudes’ by financial dependency, housing and services, an ever-growing ‘class culture’.  It can be obvious and subtle, and dictate the totality of your own mind and course of life.

As a commentary, not a documentary, there is no need to present the labors of all the details of these statements.  They are facts, however.  It is up to you to make the effort to know what is real, not an idyllic illusion; or, to place blame upon others for the anger of your own plight when it is not justified.

Part 3

We are all ‘property’.  Whether in the form of economics in the political concept of treasury or the manner in which we approach our personal lives in the world, we are someone’s ‘property.’  We are collateral justifying the global financing system, obligations of time by debts and our life expectancy, subject to the laws and policies of social/national debt, taxations of all we possess and incomes we manage by our labors and time.  Even our land and home are, technically, an exclusive right of use granted by ‘the public’.  This ‘exclusive right of use’ is subject to, and granted, solely upon our ability to pay for it in taxation.  Failure to do so relents back to the ‘public’, for assumption by others who will.

Ultimately, we own or have nothing.  We are ‘servants of public collateral and accounts receivable’.  So, where does ‘servitude and slavery’ begin and end?  This may not even be a worthy question to some folks but it is reality.  In order for a society, a collective, of people to coexist and function in some form of support system these realities are inevitable and justified.  It is in how they are managed and by what motives that the issues really apply.

Is it motivated for an authentic purpose of the well-being of all those involved or for the purpose of power and control of the minds and lives of those who live within it?  This is the decisive question that determines whether it is one of liberty or a variance of slavery.

Part 4

The real issue, today, is not so much a matter of slavery;  rather, a hostile form of racism kept alive by those who profit from it the most.  There are people and organizations who have prospered and maintained power over their own race by the perpetuation of racism.  Racism is in all cultures and races.  As one truly investigates the dynamics of nations and cultures around the planet it will be a rude awakening.  Asia and the ‘middle east’, as a whole, is very racist.  The so-called ‘minorities’ and majorities in all parts of the planet are very racist.  And, it is within this arrogance of racial identity that slavery abounds today for the purposes of labor/economics, prestige and sex.

And, within its intricacies, ownership of another person, by any name, does not need to be racist.  It can very well be within the same race….and, often is.  In Asia, South America and Africa various forms of human trafficking and slavery exist today.

Again, where do authentic ‘reparations’ begin?  The answer is “nowhere and everywhere.”  Setting aside all the dwelling upon the past and frenzy fed by profiting zealotry, the mature solution is to stop the concept, practice and blame-throwing of slavery within our personal lives and throughout the planet.

Of course, mature solutions are too challenging for an apparent immature species. As a person of ‘hope’, perhaps we will grow-up, someday.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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