How many political ideologies are there?  Apparently, a lot.  Each has a premise of assuming what will work; but, for whom? From the immediate family, a simple couple, communities, nations, to the global collective, each has some form of structure.  Whether we like it or not, these structures are dominated by who has the most wealth, by whatever measure of wealth.  This has always been the underlying power behind any and all systems.

In our current world of politics, this is most evident.  It doesn’t matter what we name it, the real power that dictates the course of events is MONEY.  In a Democracy, we have a one person one vote premise.  Yet, how much does a poor person’s vote compare to that of the billionaire or corporation in control of the purse strings of those in governments, our news media, communications systems, infrastructures, food supply chain, financing systems, welfare systems, housing, and on and on?  Even deeper and more personal, how much power does this MONEY have over each person’s vote?  The answer is….EVERYTHING.

The hard reality is the one we deny the most.   As we point a finger at the politician or bureaucrat influenced by lobbies and coercions,  we too, are for sale.  People vote based more upon what will comfort and profit their wallet.  Just as there are military mercenaries, we become ‘voter mercenaries’.  We are for sale.  As always, when we point a finger at something there are at least three fingers pointing back at us.

Simple Social Dynamics

History is an interesting and essential subject.  Yet, in the studies of ‘history’ we rarely find any reference to the reasons and sources by which kings, dictators, emperors, political parties or ‘movements’ come to power and remain in power.  No one person or group ultimately achieves power over a mass of people without some form of wealth, or promise of it, as a support system.  In most cases, historically, providing financial incentives for a military, the individuals composing it, and local leaderships, is the force that establishes power over the masses.  In times and cultures where men, for example, are destitute, their children are hungry, and no promise of individual fulfillment exists, this enticement makes armies.  It has occurred countless times throughout history.

In our present times we witness the consequences when governments become a long-term establishment.  To appease the populus and remain in power, promises made. Over time, the financial burdens result in national debt, compromises are made with questionable sources, agencies of service and enforcement become so numerous few even know they exist.  And, inevitably, the populus pays for it.  As in most nations today, the immensity of government and a populus dependent upon it is so great it enslaves itself.  This is when it becomes most evident that money is power; and, it is in charge.

So, we can call our political systems whatever name we choose but it is, in reality, a Plutocracy.  Most simply, a Plutocracy is a ruling system managed by elite wealth.  This reality is a disturbing one while it at least allows us the illusion it is not there.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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