Trades and Skills are the essential core of humanity. Not a single thing we wear, tool we use, every item in our home and life, everything, is a product of countless skills and trades we would never have imagined. Yet, in most cultures, these most important people are on the back burner and vanishing.

How far do we want to go in considering the multitude of trades and skills it requires to make one single thing? In virtually every event, it goes back to the soil of the earth. Someone knew what to look for and how to get it. Others, many people, knew how to make the tools to get it and what resources were required to make them. Wait a minute! Someone knew how to make the molds to make the tools to get the resource in the first place, and they knew what resources it would require to make the molds. The list is enormous and complex. But, without each integral step of knowledge, skills and trades, it would never happen.

In our computer world we think computer skills are the top of the ‘skills’. In reality, it is the bottom of the skills. Why? Imagine how many parts and pieces are in a computer. Imagine how many parts and pieces are involved in completing the networks that make a computer even worth using as a paperweight. Without the unimaginable number of skills and trades involved in this phenomenon, it would not exist. Of course, it is a matter of demand. If computers and the internet did not exist, the trades and skills would be obliging another demand. 

The examples are as endless as the things we have around us, from homes to vehicles to our dinner plates. The food we put on the plates… and the things we use to prepare the food that we put on our plates require thousands of skills and trades.

This subject warrants far more attention than it gets. The future depends upon a humanity well-populated with people capable of hands-on trades and skills. The ‘demand’ will dictate the ‘supply’. Now, and for the foreseeable future, the demand will be for ‘skills and trades’. Present and future generations looking for a stable and worthwhile profession will pursue this path. 

Slowly but surely, skills and trades schools, apprenticeships and incentives are growing. The past emphasis on the fine arts and abstract professions is declining. Perhaps this will redirect our work ethic and mindsets into a more realistic world.

As elders in the world of change, we are responsible for encouraging our youth always to have a skill and/or trade to rely on as they live the complexities of real life. 

Clay (The Universal Infidel)       

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