1. What I refer to as ‘Mentors’ and what others call ‘aliens’ will introduce themselves publicly; and, outside of the control of the politics and militaries of our planet, within the next 24 months. They have concluded it is important, for our species, to see them more prevalent and in all portions of our planet for a period of time in order for our populous to go beyond denials.

Be assured, they are not afraid of us.  They, for the most part, are afraid for us.  We are a species in danger of a total self-destruction if not interrupted.  We are considered a dangerous species with total insecurities and capable, religiously and politically, of a reaction that is self-destructive if they do not methodically approach introduction of themselves into the total awareness of our population.

  1. MAJOR RELIGIONS AND ALL CULTS will find themselves in a ‘reality check’ that will redefine them as past preservers of pagan cultures not relevant or aware of the reality of the universe.
  2. A long process of universal awareness will replace the exclusiveness of ‘religions’ as we once knew them.
  3. There will be a nuclear war within the next decade. It will eliminate 75% of our present population.  The remainder will suffer, for many generations, the consequences of this insanity.
  4. One of the major ‘enlightenments’ of this time is the recognition that instinctive intelligence is far more worthy for the dignity of life than what we have come to know as ‘educational intelligence’.
  5. The tragedies and upheavals forthcoming will redefine the meanings and worthiness of the monetary systems, what wealth really is, what gender identity, how gender balance defines the identity of posterities, what vital contributions ‘family’ have in the continuity of our, and any, species.
  6. Few nations, as we now know them, will soon exist. Most of the landmass will be in a state of , feudal anarchy, transient and volatile.
  7. Within all these realities is still the optimum consequences of a more enlightened and peaceful species.
  8. Despite the human tendency to measure itself in brief and immediate gratifications, the continuance and progression is measured in a time long beyond us. And, regardless of the denial of these things, many and most of us will return, in many and diverse ways, carrying our past with us, and with a greater resolve than we now have.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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