Regardless of how this will be interpreted, twisted into concepts totally irrelevant and downright lies, it is important to tell it like it is.

There are some states, in America, that are attempting to instate a ‘Reparations’ policy and reimbursements to people of the black race for the slavery issues of nearly two centuries past.  It behoves anyone of any race to look into the realities of this occurrence.

First, a ‘Jaw Wag’ was recently posted on the website (THEUNIVERSALINFIDEL.COM)  TITLED ‘ Reparations, where does it begin?”. Few read it though it has all the substance and truth of the origins and substances of slavery in America.  The beginning is in Africa; and the accountability begins in Africa, among the folks of the black race.  That is a fact no person is willing to face, it seems.

It requires some level of audacity to tell the truth, nowadays, but here it is, whether you or anyone likes it or not. Reparations, as it is now being considered, is nothing less than hateful, vengeful black racism, perpetuated by black racists looking for profiteering off the burdens of taxpayers.  In this narrowmindedness is the consideration that a great part of that tax burden will ultimately fall upon the black community.  This phenomenon of political and populous stupidity is a unique form of psychological, pathological, and sociopathic suicide.

It will never be justified or legitimately paid for.  It will continue the bankruptcy of an already bankrupt nation.  It will be bled by those who can bleed it from the top.  Those who will rejoice in the ‘breadcrumbs’ will soon find it as ‘for-not’, wasted, lost, fighting the IRS, enduring foreclosures from a temporary over-extended lifestyle of foolishness.  Mark my words.

This commentary is not intended to be 0ffensive, though it will be, often, interpreted so.  Wisdom, insights, logic, realism, honesty, truthfulness, integrity of mind are all offensive to those who are so engrained in a paradigm of hateful prejudice they Cannot free themselves from this vicious prison of consciousness.


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