(The end of human arrogance)  Written in 1970.

For nearly 3 thousand years the human species, as a whole, has denied the existence of any intelligent life, or life at all, in the universe, other than us. This is coming to an end.  It will soon be revealed, with no way of denial, that intelligent life is abundant in this infinite universe.

It is a realization, slowly and deliberately prepared, that we are not alone.  Never have been. Never will be.

How is this reality going to affect you and your confidence in the things you once believed that made you comfortable and resolved in the simplicity of your thinking about how life and ‘God’ and how things are so well planned for you? This, you can only decide for yourself.

Today, as the sciences are discovering so much about the make-up of creation, of you and I, and the endless mysteries of this profound cosmos in which we live, the realities are startling and awakening. However, all this is nothing new. The old saying “nothing is new under the stars” is a fact. Into the next century, so much will be revealed and ‘unveiled’, it will be difficult to stay abreast and comprehend. And, more than each individual may or may not be prepared for or willing to accept. The ‘gleaning’ is forthcoming; and, it will not be the ‘gleaning’ so many have pre-assumed.

Why would a fellow like myself even dare to put such things to ‘writ’? There is only one reason. I have been told to. In time, these things will come to pass and these writs will prove to have some measure of value to those who have read and pondered them.

The following is a list of realities presented to me at this time in this late century.

Reality One.

The ‘conscious’ human has been around for a long, long time. It has spanned ‘time’ far longer than all the previously assumed timetables of the ‘experts’ of archeology and anthropology. We are not a part of the natural evolution of organic life within this planet.  Our genetic design is customized (adjusted as essential) for survival on this planet. This ‘custom design’ has been through the sincere efforts of those who are so far beyond our past and present understandings we need not address this, at the moment.

Reality Two

Over many eras of time, our species has been visited and mentored by the ‘others/star people/whatever name you wish to give them’. Within these eras of time, the planet has been explored and exploited, depending upon specific needs and interests at that moment, by these ‘visitors’. Remnants of their time and contributions still remain….if we wish to acknowledge them.

Reality Three

Throughout known history, the influences and events of these ‘folks’ are evidenced in mythology and religious documents. The limitations and personal interests of those who documented such events were/are limited by their own language, metaphorical efforts, symbology, and Theo-political dominances.

Reality Four

This little planet (Earth) is not exclusive. It is unusual and unique, however. It is considered a phenomenon of micro-bacterial life, in many forms and potentials. The ‘adaptations’ of more advanced and designed life, capable of a competitive co-existence, is a ‘curiosity’; and, an opportunity for many ‘folks’ in the universe to refine and adapt in order to safely exist within our planet’s environment. This is/has been ongoing for some time.

Reality Five

The assumption that there is only one ‘ET’ involved in this planet’s value, curiosity, and evolution is very short-sighted.  There are many. This includes, and has always included, those who have benign intentions and those who are much less benign. It is for us to know the difference.

Reality Six

The UFO evidences imply, and are real, that each has its unique intentions. Some are direct observations. Some are interventions (for our sakes). Some are for collecting data, for many organic and scientific purposes. Some are (most often) large chartered observation vehicles….much like a ‘tourism bus’. Our planet is a ‘curiosity’ visited by folks not so different from us in that they want to see, first hand, what this planet, and us, are all about.

Reality Seven

We are considered to be very dangerous and unpredictable creatures. Our nature, as an ignorant and emotionally responsive life-form, makes it a sensitive and pragmatic challenge to introduce other life to us. To our brothers and sisters in this cosmos, we are far too primitive and small and narcissistic to be approached in a blunt and naïve fashion.  It would be damaging and disastrous to do so….for both parties.

This consideration involves a great variety of issues:

  • Governments will often react to these open visitations as a threat. It will only be damaging to the government and their people to do so.
  • Religions will react as though it is evil; and, reveal the fears and fanaticisms of the most indoctrinated. Within this specific element of reaction lies the greatest jeopardy for our species.
  • The diverse reaction and interferences of a variety of groups, cults, and ‘UFO messiahs’ will add to the complications of this global realization we are not only not alone, but must set aside all the dogma of our human egos.
  • Human social adjustments. How do we go about rethinking and juxtapositioning our individual and community lives that no longer have the traditional economics, political adversities, religious presumptions we once had?  As these questions apply to the great diversities on this planet, it will be a chaotic but eventual resolve.
  • The ‘visitors’ will not interfere…only to the extent essential to prevent our own self-destruction.

Reality Eight

  • It is a common understanding between the various ‘folks’ in our cosmos that the human creature is not well-centered as to the spiritual values of right and wrong, within itself and with others. From this common ’sickness’, the various ‘folks’ both approach us in caution and for their advantage, depending upon the origin and nature of each. As each makes themselves known it is for us to take hold of the center of ourselves and know the nature of those who will come among us.
  • And, it will not be a time of peace; but, in time, an authentic peace will prevail. Too much will the weight of the individual weaknesses, the smallness of mind, selfishness, utopian fantasies, and shallow values for living burden the masses of humanity.  Adjusting to the miracles of our cosmic reality is too real and beautifully pragmatic for most of humanity.

Reality Nine

  • Our consciousness follows a flow of extremes then, at some point, adjusts to realities. It will come to us that ‘technology’ is a simple tool…not a way of life. In these last few decades, the fixation with these various forms of ‘tech-communications’, toys, games, and gossip has been an introduction to the principles of our ‘quantum reality’. The intricacies of this omnipresent reality will become clearer as time passes. Ultimately, the conclusion and realization will come to humanity that authenticity within ourselves and with each other is the one and only value within our conscious existence. The ‘visitors’ will approach us with this goal in mind.

The Conclusive Sequel

The realities are simple but difficult for so many.  We are not alone in the universe.  We are not as exclusive and exceptional as we would like to be. We are not as powerful as we would like to assume we are. The Creator is far beyond all our little minds have henceforth, and, still cannot imagine. The religious panaceas we have clung to for so long are not as we hoped they would be. The idea that we are totally accountable for every moment we exist, with no exceptions, no scapegoats, no person or organization to intervene for us is not something most of humanity can emotionally endure. Yet, it is the reality we, and all humanity in the future, will face successfully or fail.

An encouraging comment.

You are far more capable of accepting these realities than you may think you are.

A Time for New Names.

How many names have they been given over the many millennia? In mythology and metaphorical legends, the names of those who have come to this planet, lived here and left, and still live here, are numerous. From flying carpets to fire-breathing dragons, the limitations of the human has tried to describe the times of these ‘visitors’. On every continent, present, and past, civilizations have experienced their presence, their contributions, their tribulations, and conflicts. Too often, they were considered gods.

I simply call them ‘folks’, ‘visitors’ because I have no name for them. They have not provided me with one. There is, most certainly, a reason. But, be assured and careful not to think of them as ‘gods’.  They are not.

And, do not assume they are clones with only one thought or intention, void of the quality of emotions, cold and inanimate.  Each, in their own variety, has an individuality, a unique sense of morality, a focus upon the priority of their personal existence, a sensitivity for the feelings of others. In other words, they are just like us, in this regard.

Most, if not all, have a solidified grasp of the difference between ‘knowledge’ and ‘awareness’. Knowledge can provide a path to awareness but it is not the only path to awareness. Knowledge can be, and so often is, a path to peculiar vanities that lead to an arrogance that negates ‘awareness’ and its essential abstract qualities of a worthwhile life-form. To this ‘knowing’, most, if not all, of these folks have a wonderful ‘spiritual’ nature that can contribute to all of us. It is for us to recognize these qualities and learn from them.  However, it is also our responsibility to recognize those who are not of these admirable and desired qualities.  They do exist.

Conclusion:  It will be an interesting and challenging time when these ‘folks’ are finally revealing themselves to our species and planet. In due course, they will assume or be provided with an appropriate ‘name’; but, it will assuredly not be ‘alien’.


Postscript (December 28, 2021):  This is posted for your benefit and considerations.  If you are at all interested in the events and contacts that induced this transcript, a half century earlier, the insights are in the books/texts available in The Universal Infidel Book Store.

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