A Gift To You – 3 FREE eBooks

Your Gift – A Metaphysical Trilogy

Some things are not for sale. They are a consequence in the course of living that has too many contributors, givers, sharers, mentors, sacrifices. Therefore, they must be given away to those who want or need them.

The ‘trilogy’ is a gift to you, who wants or needs them, as free eBooks. They are also printable if you so choose.

You can complete this form to receive your download link or you can add each book to your cart, checkout, and download your books.

Notice: These texts/books are copyrighted to protect the content and their purposes. Any reproduction with intent to sell, edit for preferences or misrepresentation will be prosecuted. Any use for promotion, or otherwise, is exclusively reserved for the author and/or those to whom he assigns.

Hardbacks and paperbacks are sold out. eBook versions are available for immediate download.

“Don’t Be Afraid” – Free Downloads

Sometimes a person just needs to speak up. These items may be useful as you do your part in preserving what should be preserved while also allowing for the liberties of others.

Each item is formatted to allow them to be used in any size and for virtually any purpose. Some examples: flags (all sizes), posters, pamphlets, bumper stickers.

There is no price. Simply add them to your cart, checkout, and download them. If you feel like helping with the cost of this website and its continued efforts you can enter an amount you are willing to pay.

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