Our Paradoxes

Does this flag suddenly make a person homophobic? If so, it also means the rainbow flag is heterophobic. The entire issue is only one example of the hypocrisies, contradictions and double standards our Western cultures have devolved into over the past decades. In this...

Facing a New Time

(A ‘Jaw Wagger’s Pondering) Part 1 Whether you are 16 or 116 years of age you are always facing a time of change.  It is often subtle and hard to see; yet, it is there, and will dictate much of what you do, feel, think and react in the details of your time.  How you...

A Jaw Wagger’s Pondering on Patriotism

A word can mean many different things to many people.  As we are fortunate enough to have a long life and have the opportunity to experience this simple truth, it becomes more and more obvious.  More often than not, a word’s meaning never changes or expands in...

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