About the Ten Commandments

Origin, Versions and Contradictions The state of Louisiana recently mandated that the Ten Commandments be posted in all public classrooms. As societies have noticeably lost a well-rooted sense of civility and personal ethics, it seems worthwhile to attempt to nurture...

Branches of the Same Tree

The above is an image of the original publication.Here is the Text Version – please feel free to share it.When a tree has the same roots and the main trunk begins to rise it depends upon the manner of the limbs for the light and chemistry that will help it flourish....

What is an Infidel?

Where did the word come from?  What were the word’s intentions?  How does it apply to all of us? Perhaps the best way to approach this issue is to go back to the origin of the word.  It is a Latin word meaning ‘an unfaithful’ or a ‘non-believer’.  We can relate it to...

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