The Upside of Things

Self-observation and reflection is a good thing.  It is giving ourselves permission to look at both ourselves and events in a better fashion of clarity.  In today’s world, that’s a challenge.  Things seem so ‘topsy-turvy’ and uncertain.  This scenario can be applied...

The Tail Wagging the Dog

It is interesting how our definitions and concepts seem to change with time. This applies to virtually everything, but the adage of ‘the tail wagging the dog’ is, here, addressing our understanding of the word ‘Democracy’. The various forms of democracies are based...

A Credible Voting Democracy

The Preface We are in a time and place, in human history, where everything we do and are and will become is directly related to, and affects, our spiritual existence.  Nothing can escape this reality. Though we thrive on platitudes, find convictions in our illusions...

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