The Benevolent Aliens

All Things Matter.  Share this with others. Real Spirituality is Free All books, and more, are available at no charge, or you can enter an amount of your choosing. Order them as you please for immediate download. Visit the Book Store Don’t Be Afraid No frills. Just...

Of Course.  The Alien Reality

Of course, there are many forms of life throughout the universe.  Of course, there are folks from other planets and quantum dimensions visiting this planet; and, some managing to live among us.  It is becoming more and more difficult to deny. It is inevitable the...

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Part 1 Late Confessions And Purpose Have you had things happen in your early childhood and, perhaps, periodically during your life, that were so ‘out of sync’ with the normality of social views you kept it subdued and private?  Most people can relate to that.  This...

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