Cold Water on the Heat Wave

It was not until 1979 that satellite systems began to accumulate data on weather and temperatures on a global scale.  Prior to that time, the planet had many brief periods of fluxes in temperature.  It is totally presumptuous of so-called ‘experts’ to declare this...

Reflectivity and Objectivity

This commentator has contended, for many decades, the major consequence of planetary heat is human structures.  Of course, this was rejected.  Now, it is taken more seriously. No need to get too fancy here.  Just look around you and at the overall transformations of...

Fix One Thing, Break Another

We are creatures of irony.  This applies to most things; but, for this moment, the fashionable fixes to the energy demands are the subject. One, the concept of solar panels to produce electrical power seems novice and a great idea.  Meanwhile, no one considers the...

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