The Invasive Evil

When someone invades your home and eats your food, and you pay for everything, it does seem to be unseemly.  When the government tells you it’s okay and gives them taxpayer support and an ID so they can exercise the same rights as you, it seems even more unseemly. ...

Don’t be Afraid! Stand up!

Early this year, George Allen Kelly, a rancher Near Nogales on the southern border of Arizona (USA), is presumed to kill an illegal immigrant.  He will plead self-defense.  For years, he and his family have been inundated with people crossing the border.  He has been...

Growing Old in a Country You No Longer Recognize

Re-posted with permission from the author. We’ve seen laments like this before, but this is better and more accurate than most. We just wish it wasn’t so true. Growing old in a country you no longer recognize. Those of us who are now in our 60s, 70s, and 80s, no...

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