The demise of a United America  (The 21st-century reality.)

The original 1970 manuscript of foreseeings. 

Some wordage, non-existent in the year 1970, has been inserted.

  • The transition from the pursuit of needs to a pursuit of wants within American demographics.
  • The lack of recognition by society and politics that the American ‘collective’ has reached a transitional point from childhood to adulthood. This implies an adolescent mentality refusing to acknowledge we are no longer capable of indulging in mistakes, lack of foresight, proper planning for the future and our posterities, no longer have the liberty to exploit resources, and other nations, without discipline/accountability and consequences, no longer have the liberty of unrestrained influx of populations (immigrations) not willing to integrate into the existing mega-culture and principles of what a democracy requires of the individual.
  • Incompetence in over-breeding, illegitimate breeding and immigration, allowing an intolerable density in population, inability to provide jobs and professions to equal demand, and creating artificial/non-needed related industries subject to the ‘reality checks’ of economic downfalls.
  • In contradiction to the above reality, a real political trend (perpetuated within education and civil regulations) will diminish the incentive to work. Child labor laws and intrusion by social agencies and safety agencies will create generations of a populace missing the concept and virtues of work.
  • As Socialism has become the agenda of both politics and education, the appeasement of select groups for political expediency will open our nation to an invasion of people from all parts of the planet who have no concept of the principles of liberty via our constitution. These ‘invading masses’ will be entirely subject to the ‘perks’ provided by the socialist parties progressively immersing into our educational and political systems.
  • As a ‘Democracy’, the timetable for sustaining itself has already been exceeded. Democracies are valid as long as the populace maintains an acute awareness of the responsibility each citizen has toward the well-being of the nation, rather than the expediency of one’s self or a personal agenda. This never lasts. Today, and foreseeable, the average voter is for sale… to the highest bidder. The average citizen votes in a manner that will ‘profit him/her’ rather than what is wise for the present and future preservation of the nation. This, in all consideration, is understandable today, as the political bureaucracy is doing exactly the same.
  • As cycles persist, the socialist-fascist movement will prevail in the early 21st century. This will remove the fragile infrastructure protecting the alliance of states (thus, the demise of the present centralized government). The ‘social and political schizogony’ (splitting apart) of the contiguous ‘America’ will occur.
  • The centralization of education and consolidation of the school systems will result in the removal of the concepts of ‘community’ from children and the children from the community.
  • As racism is slowly receding, the organizations that rely upon the issue of racism will create a more racist culture for the profiteering it produces. There will be a president of the black race elected as an entity to accelerate the race issue. Race wars will be one among the diverse conflicts in the next century.
  • America will become a ‘drug haven’. Legal and illegal drugs will diminish the physical and intellectual capacity of most of the population.
  • Urbanization, and the dependencies it creates, will foster the insecurities that manifest a violent socialist/fascist society.
  • Government will become a top-heavy burden designed to buy votes. The result will be a bankrupt nation and alternative currencies.
  • The medias of information and communication will become instruments of indoctrination by individuals of consolidated wealth.
  • New technologies will produce unprecedented social and informational anarchy. Within this arena of mass/global communications will be the insertion of an evil fanaticism and mental disorientation, especially in the youth.
  • The traditional family unit, of gender balance, will decline; and be replaced with single-parent units, same-sex parentage, and confusion in sexual identity.
  • A ‘crossroads’ will occur in the early part of the 21st century in America and many parts of the planet. As a generality of wordage, this will be a global decision of ‘minds’ resulting in a great movement toward the concepts of liberty or the dark ages of totalitarianism.

The image below is a rough drawing of the consequences of the demise of a United States of America as seen in a meditative transcendence in 1970. The original was drawn on ‘Big Chief’ paper and could not be preserved. Events will determine a more precise eventuality. 

A Transcendent Vision

There is no need for ‘prophecy’ here. They are simple ‘foreseeings’ gained from times we go beyond our physical frequency of consciousness. And, the eventual events of the human collective are like a river’s flow. It has its course of eventuality as it exists at any moment; yet, its course can change by the slightest events, like a log fallen in the water’s path, altering the flow of events. We all know of rivers that have moved or changed their path over time due to any number of altering events. So it is with the course of humanity. Fatalism, predestined ideology, renders the entire purpose of life futile and with no realistic purpose.

The following was first drawn in 1970 as a result of a long transcendence. It is here presented in its’ original form. It depicts the ununited North America divided into approximately 12 separate entities. You can interpret this content as you will. Ultimately, I hope the author is wrong and we have altered the course of things. At present, it appears we have not.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

Hand-drawn mao of the US divided into 12 regions

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