To those of the world, who are able and capable of grasping the depth and meaning of this invitation, you are welcome.

  • If you are of a good heart and intent to be a person not intent upon being a burden to our society; rather, a contribution to the well-being of this grand and manifested proposition of individual freedom and liberty for all, you are welcome.
  • If you are of the mind and heart to enter this nation of people, with its laws and intent upon social order, respect for your fellow man and woman, live honorably among them, be self-sufficient in all its defines, you are welcome.
  • If you are of the mind and heart to learn the common language of this good nation so you and others can communicate and relate in an affable manner in daily life, you are welcome.
  • If you are willing and able to learn the foundation of what has made this nation one of exceptional respect for the individual dignity by which all people should live, the constitution, in all its items of principle, and intend to live by them for the benefit of this nation and yourself, you are welcome.
  • If you are willing and able to forego the mindsets of the cultures and religions that have made it intolerable for you and willing to embrace the liberty of thought and action, the responsibilities that this liberty requires of you, you are welcome.
  • If you are willing and able to set aside the hatreds and indoctrinations imposed upon you by the authorities of theocratic powers, dictatorial persuasions, cultural rigidities and otherwise; and, open your mind and heart to the vision of loving your neighbor as yourself, respect for the details of social conduct required in order to provide a civil community of humans, you are welcome.
  • If you are willing to participate in the democratic process that provides an honorable management of the public responsibilities, local and national, without being an individual willing to be bought for a price, relent upon the freedoms of life you so pursued in your entry into this grand nation of liberties, you are welcome.

Alas, if you are not able to grasp or oblige these basic principles that will allow you to be a positive contribution to this essential experiment in the liberty of life on this planet, you are not welcome.

Signed:  The real citizens of the United States of America.

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