The American Tribunals

There are a number of concepts about the word ‘Tribunal’. Most of us who know a little bit about real history think of the Tribunals in the French Revolution. And, ‘Revolution’ is a key word. Two primary purposes motivate revolutions. One purpose is to destroy the institutions of oppression or exploitation with no defined plan for a replacement. The other is to liberate a society from dictatorial oppression and/or exploitation.

The French Revolution was, fundamentally, the former of the two purposes. The ‘Tribunals’, in this case, were an exercise of persecution outside of any authentic authority, conducted with the pre-conclusions of guilt. The exercise was only for the purpose of deciding the fate of the accused.

In America today, our judicial system is exercising a contemporary version of the French tribunals. Under the pretenses of justice and due process, the various levels of our court system are using this ‘authority’ to persecute oppositions. Guilt is a pre-conclusion, crimes are fabricated, and the process is only to determine the sentence or penalty.

In all definitions, we are in a period of ‘Tribunal Law’ in America. The socialist-fascist element of ‘government and judicial process’ is nothing less than lawlessness pretending to be the law. This is not an assumption. It is a reality applicable and relevant to every authentic citizen of America.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)  

Skeletons and Politics

The Christian Bible tells of a woman about to be stoned to death. A man intervenes and asks if any among the stoners were without fault. Only those without any fault should throw the first stone. No one threw a stone. It is an interesting event, and the implications apply to everyone….then and now.  

If you should notice, an unprecedented number of politicians are not running for reelection in America. Each provides any number of reasons for not continuing. And some of those reasons are true and justified. However, the real truths lie in the closet.

Every person has a skeleton or two (or more) in the proverbial ‘closet’ of their personal life. Today, in a technical/informational world that collects every detail of our personal lives, including what we prefer in our grocery shopping and what brand of toilet paper we purchase, there is very little we can keep in the closet. If someone or a group searches deep enough, they will find your ‘skeletons’.

In the realm of politics, the search for ‘skeletons’ is relentless. Political oppositions will extort, coerce and blackmail individuals to oblige an agenda, vote certain ways or threaten them with their ‘skeletons’ if they seek reelection. This is the more realistic reason so many are not pursuing reelection. And it is a factor in the way many vote in legislatures and congresses.

Despite the good intentions and motives of the individual, the skeletons of the past and present are the dictate of their political course. An individual in politics is obligated to any number of financial sources. Money is politics. This, in itself, adulterates a person’s good intentions. Being aware of a fickle and unforgiving voting populus leaves a person totally vulnerable to those who are dangling ‘skeletons’ in front of them. As much as we so often enjoy criticizing our politicians, there are few of us who could endure, or desire,  the environment of politics. There would always be those self-righteous, faultless folks willing to throw the first stone.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)      

A quote from an alien mentor: “The ultimate futility is in pursuit of desirable solutions when they do not exist.” 

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