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The 90 Year Reflection

It was 90 years ago, in 1933, that Hitler became the chancellor of Germany. His Democratic Socialist party gained control of the assembly by using the democratic institutions to establish his totalitarianship. Few today are alive to recall that time in our horrific past.
As a result of this madman coming to power in Germany, a victim of the arrogances of the allied alliances and the treaty installed after WW1, the world, in general, was destined for another world war. An intelligent understanding and graciousness of spirit did not exist after this horrific conflict of WW1. The result was the continuance of ‘Repetition’, the cycles of human-made inhumanity upon humanity.
Few are willing or capable of a severe look into our past and the intricacies of what our forefathers made happen, what our forefathers sacrificed to stop and prevent, and what is happening today as a repetition of our yesterdays.

It has often been said that ‘hell is repetition’. And, as Shakespeare once wrote “a rose is a rose by any name” both apply to our realities in our present time.

Let’s go back. Throughout Europe, the eastern fronts, the pacific realms of our planet, there existed a political, sociological, theological, economic, ideological fermentation leading to the industrial materializations in preparations for wars. Political controls minimized these prospects while also maximized the preparations for what was, inevitably, to come.

From the late 1800s to the entirety of the 1900s, the global conflicts and unprecedented inhumanities of the human conduct was (and is) demonstrated for all to see or deny. As only one example among so many, in a city of the Ukraine, in 1942, 32,700 men, women and children were executed in a narrow valley outside the city. Covered by bulldozers and forgotten. Again, this is only one among so many.
How do we ever attempt to justify these insanities of the human mind? The simple answer is that it is never justified. Yet, there are very intricate reasons, from cultural, ethnic, religious, and demographic events in the history of these regions of the world we so often ignore that have their own and unique justifications. How we address these substantive realities and pursue a better world among our diversities is the real challenge of a spirit that has gone beyond the substantive yet superfluous realities of the human paradox.

The Present Analysis

At present, we are in a state of ‘repetition’. As we look back upon all known history of human conduct it is obvious we are subjected to a timetable, a timeframe, by which we repeat ourselves. It is, in general, a repetition of 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 years of doing the same thing over and over again; but, with a more advanced and destructive capability in each cycle. It is very relevant to a ‘generational’ conditioning.
Hitler’s thousand year vision of a world utopia was no more or less than that of Alexander’s psychopathic world of Greek grandeur or Khans’ envisionments of a global dynasty. Yet, there are those today who aspire to domination of a very diverse world of humans for their own vanities and opulences.

We can call it whatever we wish but it is still the same rose.

‘Shakespeare’s’ note about a rose was not necessarily prophetic but it was and remains most relevant. As our languages have a way of being etymologically changed by those who assume authority on the definitions and usages of words we find the meanings and mind-frames of generations also altered in the way they think. It is, essentially, an intellectual evil, inadvertent or deliberate, to subliminally alter the ‘mindsets’ of present and future generations of human thought. This is, in fact, and in reality, a vital tool in the ‘War of Minds’.

The Greatest Human Nemesis

Despite all the wonderful potentials of our capacity to communicate, and be more empathetic, loving, and understanding of each other in our diversity, the technical communications capabilities of our present times have done just the opposite.

All these wonderful platforms for opportunities allowing the entire planet of humans to accept each other, learn from each other, gain the wisdoms and insights that provide all opportunities for a more peaceful world are negated by the arrogances and despotisms of those who have the power and technocrats who manage these instruments of global interfaces.

Microsoft, Bing, and so many other platforms for the www, global world of communicating, are so engrained, infiltrated, controlled by dive-in, dysfunctional individuals they always have questionable credibility. These ideologies and their dictates forego all that was intended in this premise of realistic thought and a unity of humanity.

“They are, in raw reality, our greatest nemesis and opportunity for a world at peace with itself. The ‘gleaning’, the ‘purging’ is in order, if it is ever to be a tool worthwhile to the human species.” (This is a note from the ‘Mentors’ of our most benevolent alien mentors.)
Too many are too far removed.

90 years seems like a far-distant fantasy to most of the humans living today. Yet, it was only a frail time ago, decisively influencing and dictating most of what they are living, doing and will endure today and tomorrow. Yet, to our chagrin, these yesterdays will repeat themselves in our todays, regardless of our denials, despite our refuges in the fantasies and idiolectic resolutions we may manifest in our minds.

We take refuge in our little worlds, in our utopias, our sense of what the world should be. These are wonderful things that should always exist and be pursued with a sincere heart and soul for every person on earth, as it has always been, to whatever consequences that actually took place.

In our present moments, however, there is another reality, like it or not. As we enjoy our comforts, our distractions in sports and the illusions of Hollywood, the games we play in our social lives, the indoctrinations of the internet world, the turmoils within our nations and global world, the demise and reformations of our religions as alien worlds interface with us, we will directly experience the demise of all we assume is ordinary, all that is now deviant to be demised, all that is assumed religious truth to be mythology most ambiguous, all that is politically institutional to be resigned to its most simplistic truths, to be clear and self-evident.

What little remains of the human species will make every frugal effort to do better. This, in itself, will remain to be the judgement of what will take its course. Some of us will live to see and participate in these horrific times. It is both a blessing and a curse, a burden we will either accept and contribute to or be a whining liability to. Both may have their purpose in this time. (We always need the opposites to see in order to conclude upon the most positive path to take.)

The Summation:

This has only been hinted-at in previous commentaries but now it is time to state in clarity.

  • The www internet platforms are our greatest enemy as well as our greatest asset. How many are there? All the Microsoft systems and variants, Twitter and all those sub-level social networks are very much a part of a global effort to condition your very vulnerable mind to a specific vein of thought. Ignore most of it, consider the source and money behind every item.
  • Every item and article on any and every news network needs to have your scrutiny. Most items on these networks are ‘infomercials’. Who paid for it and why? You are a total, mentally blind, fool to think any news network is a puritan system devoted to raw news and reality.
  • No-one wears a white hat in this complex world. No group or religion or politic or nation of theologies or ideologies is sensibly rational regarding any specific issue of human conflict, anywhere and at anytime.
  • So, beware of words. The Nazi premise can be disguised as a new hybrid hiding in the verbiages of ‘Antifa’, ‘wokeness’, ‘Leftisms’, ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘Transsexualism’, ‘queerisms’, Socialisms, as they infiltrate the institutions and bureaucracies of society on all levels…including the tech-medias.
  • These mental and psychological diseases that assume a legitimate place in human societies and assert themselves in an aggressive format are an essential part of the dismantling of the integrity and stability of human collectives, nations and cultures.
  • The eventual objective of these various deviances is to contribute to the ultimate objective of a ‘one world Plutonian management of the human species’.
  • The ‘War of Minds’ is very real. You are a part of this evil or a warrior opposing it. There is no ‘in-between’, no ‘middle of the road’, no path that will allow you the liberty of a pacifist life. The most neutral among us will be drawn into the most evil consequences of our species or the grandest of warriors to defend the integrity of the human mind.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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