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The first encounter with these folks was in 1952. I was seven years of age. It occurred at what I refer to as ‘the valley of the springs’ and this continued for a period of about three years.  Much of this event is presented in the book ‘From the Inside Looking In’ (and alluded to in the other texts), found in the Book Store on this website.

Frankly, I resisted ever revealing this secret part of my life, but events are preparing for direct contacts and encounters on a globally public scale.  If I had any particular ambition it would have been to be a quiet poet and stone mason.  The ‘Mentors’ had other plans. The majority of our humanity will not be spiritually and mentally prepared for these events.  Religions and our power structures will become obsolete as their exclusivisms and doctrines will become erroneous.  The primary purpose of this note, the website, books and commentaries within this website, are to help you, and all who are receptive, prepare for amazing and traumatic events forthcoming.

The ultimate, most intimate, preparations are within us, in our minds and spiritual fiber.  Within the mandate from the ‘Mentors’ is to address those social, religious, emotional, intellectual, and political perversions and anomalies so prevalent in all global societies.  This, in itself, is a fragile and, often, an offensive matter.  It gets ‘personal’.  Yet, it is part of the process of regaining the balance and the grounding our species has long lost. 

Sightings are now reported globally and daily.  News media are now reporting these events daily.  Governments are being pressured to admit to the presence of UFOs and alien life.  These are all intentional as a manner of preparing our species for the inevitable and imminent manifestation of ‘interplanetary’ and ‘interdimensional-life’ visitations.

Over these many decades of interaction with those I refer to as the ‘Mentors’, much has occurred that made my little life an oddity of experiences, over which I had little control.  I, now, acknowledge the purposes of these events.  The books on the website ( are a chronological manifestation of the progression of life and life awareness, along with the benevolent wisdom and expectations of the ‘Mentors’.  There is no charge for these books if you so choose. 

Be aware, there are benevolent visitors to come; and, there are malevolent visitors to come.  Your preparations of mind, meditations, positive thoughts and energies, and conduct toward others are all a part of the alliance with those of a most benevolent nature and intent to defend us.  In subtle and profound ways, will help along the way.  Nothing fancy.  Just substance.

Clay  (The Universal Infidel)

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