There are very few people that would not want a perfectly benign source of energy for humanity.  And, most efforts are admirable and with good intentions though each, in its own fashion, has serious downsides.  The good news is that, in due time, we will have the most excellent energy available.  (A variation of PEGS…Passive Energy Generation Systems.)

Meanwhile, we are all aware of the electric vehicles being produced and forced into the marketplace.  And, the efforts to ban AM radio in these vehicles.  Along with this effort are all manners of conspiracy theories.  Yet, the ultimate reason is something soon to be more defined for the public.  In defining it, the entire idea of EVs will become doubtful.

Here’s why.   To begin with, we all know what happens to AM reception on your vehicle when near or under power lines.  The signal diminishes or becomes totally static.  The cause is in what is called ‘EMF’ (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) generated by the electrical currents in the powerlines.  The EMF is a form of radiation.  We don’t put homes or businesses in these locations but we are now sitting in EMF vehicles.

To restrict this EMF radiation in a vehicle would require so much lead and other barriers the vehicle might as well be a battle tank.  Roads, bridges, and parking areas are not built for the weight.  So, again, they are admirable efforts but open our eyes and minds to the shortcomings of our innovations.  As we still have this ‘mind-fix’ of consuming something, polluting and contaminating (e.g., nuclear plants), or interfering with the natural activities of our dear planet we will continue to find the downfalls of our short-sightedness.

It will soon be revealed to us that all the power for everything already exists in everything.  The entire universe has manifested and sustains itself on this simple principle, from the most finite to the most infinite.  Patience, however, is not one of our best qualities.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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