A Mentor’s Statement

“Just as the planet earth is designed to rotate and circle the sun in a succinct pattern, in coordination with the other planets of this galaxy, the ‘frequencies’ on which they are sustained also have a succinct pattern of timetable and response to the interweaving webs between all galaxies.

As these ‘frequencies’ change to higher or lower octaves the ‘behavior responses’, ‘multi-leveled layers of consciousness’ within all animate and inanimate life, are impacted.  There is no need for technical, scientific, or metaphysical justifications for this statement.  The reality lies before you throughout the behaviors and varieties of mental processings as to what is reality and absurd fiction in humans at this present moment on this planet.  It is now, in essence, a time of challenges between intuitive coherency and emotion/illusional chaos.

The alignment of the five planets in this galaxy is soon coming.  Astronomy verifies this, just as you, with your own awareness of occurrences within this planet, will attest in your own words and vein of interests.  Regardless of the path you may take to your conclusions, they will always conclude the same.  A profound change will occur in what was considered ‘normal’ in the ‘earth-body’, ‘climate’, and ‘life behavior’.

This ‘frequency-transition’ will be the catalyst for the consummation of opposing forces of ‘life-nature’.  It is complex; yet, simple.  In other words, it is a ‘final conflict’ between what is most familiar among the many languages…..Light over Darkness, Good over Evil, a ‘Purging by Fire’, and so forth.  In this timeframe will be a loss of most, if not all, those things commonly considered an entitlement.  Earth upheavals, movement of continents, shifting of oceans, polar shifts, and climates, will be part of this transition.  It is not a new thing.  The planet earth and all embodiments of the universe have gone through many transitions.  This moment is one of them.

In the more intimate matters of human narcissism, all institutions, all religions, and all social structures will end, as we have known them.  As a whole, all of the above have been a well-intended but corrupted manifestation of the human drama, a reflection of aspirations adulterated by the spiritual and conscious inadequacies of the life forms we are, in the past and present.  This, in itself, is a long and deep and diverse subject to be addressed by the process of continued life, not by the vanity of verbal discourse.”

The Paradoxes of Transition

“Be humbled in your thinking and strong in your inner-self.  What each may assume is not what will come to pass.  Those who await the ‘second coming’ and the bliss of paradise will suffer the reality of their fantasies.  Those who envision a fairyland utopia will feel the harshness of a universe so indifferent to their dream worlds.  As precious and useful as all these aspirations are, how they do, in fact, create an aura in the higher domains of consciousness that will empower the ‘Creator’s envisionments’, to be held dear to each life in the life domains ahead of them, the realities are to first take their course.  This is not subject to individual or collective decision-making where ‘due process’ or ‘skipping grades’ is a prerogative.  The relentless evolution of the universe, and all life within it, will move in its own fashion.

Ultimately, the human species can continue and prosper, in due time.  This is dependent, entirely, upon the human species….not by ultimate intervention from a ‘Creator’ or the ‘Mentors’ or other ‘galactic life’.  The work, the salvation, must be its own.  The history (past) of human forms and consciousness on this planet is far beyond present knowledge.  It spans many millions of years, all buried by the transitions of mother earth’s body, and erosions of time.  Most recent cycles still remain visible and tell of those times; yet, denial is part of the human trait while many see it for what it is.

Four major transitions have occurred in this planet’s history.  Each ended in global conflict with technologies and capacities of the greatest inhumanities.  Today, this same circumstance avails itself.  The choices will be optional but will manifest the weaknesses within human nature.  Some will survive.  This is the beginning of the fifth ‘earth cycle’, initiated by the alignment of the five planets.  We have postponed the premature demise of humanity a number of times as a mission to allow for a maturing of the human species and allow positive options to occur.  Now is the time of reckoning; and, it will depend upon those who are capable of the final decisions.

Be it known, we (the silent mentors) have a great love and concern for this precious planet, the human species, and all the diverse wonders of life upon it.  To a great measure, we are the ancestry and creators and mentors of life as it has been and is, on this planet.  Yet, nothing is of value without the freedom life has in making its own destiny.  If there can be condolence and encouragement for each individual, as they, so often, endure the consequences of the ineptitudes of those empowered, be assured of the endlessness of life, the Creator’s manifestation is you also,  this is inseparable.”

Footnote:  The ‘servant’ of this website, after hours in transcendent meditation, moved to this keyboard with no preconceptions of what will be typed.  The above is what was dictated to him.  You, as a reader, have all the options to react as your free will dictates.  Disregard it, laugh as you please, demean the ‘servant’ as you please.  However, it is suggested you grasp this content and prepare yourself accordingly.

Clay  (The Universal Infidel)

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