There is a very wise old saying “your real power lies in what you can live without”.  The totalitarian socialists in America are wise to that.  Here is the real story.

First, what is natural gas?  It is methane.  Where does methane come from? As organic material is locked in an oxygen-free environment, e.g. underground or under deep water, these little microorganisms begin to eat away at it.  These little ‘bugs’ have a gas problem.  They are flatulent.  Over time, the organic material is decomposed as a result of these microorganisms consuming the material.  Thus, we have things like oil.  But, in the meantime, all these little ‘bug farts’ have created Natural Gas  (Methane).  This natural process is called ‘anaerobic decomposition’.

This natural gas has been used for many thousands of years.  It is not a new thing.  The Mongolians and many other cultures have used this by way of manure and other materials for a long time.  Methane can be produced from the sewage (and other organic waste) of your home, businesses, communities, and industries.  Area landfills where all the garbage and waste from populated areas are eventually covered with soil become huge mounds of organic decomposition.  You may have noticed that these ‘mounds’ have pipes sticking up and a flame burning at the outlet.  This is burning off the methane gas (natural gas) created by our precious little flatulent bugs.

Our Natural Gas infrastructure, as in America, is a virtuous natural resource that does not require ‘processing’ or any form of energy conversion.  It is ‘ready-made’, continuously replacing itself from the life/death of organic materials over the entire planet.  In the cycles of freezing and thawing, organic matter settling in rivers and oceans, (a natural and continuous process of nature) more natural gas is emitted into the atmosphere than mankind could ever consume for heat, cooking, or as a production resource.  Everything and everyone who has ever lived, lives now, or will live in the future, will contribute to the food supply for these little flatulent bugs. They are the essential bacteria for decomposition.

What does this all have to do with the ‘totalitarian socialist’ comment?  This is the real story.  There has been, for a long time, the intention to convert America and the entire human society into a One World oligarchy of socialist management.  To achieve this goal they must do a number of things.  One, gain centralized control of the monetary system.  Two, gain control of the education system.  Three, control the news media.  Four, gain primary control of governments.  Five, through these control mechanisms, allow and promote social chaos and division.  Six, create a total dependency upon the policy and gratuity of the New World Oligarchy.  To a major degree, this has been achieved.

One essential item, among many, is to remove options from the population.  Removing the use of natural gas is a priority.  As we have a fragile electrical grid and it is dependent upon resources to produce and distribute it, removing the ‘option’ of natural gas makes the population essentially dependent upon electricity for heat, cooking, and so forth.  This is especially true in metropolitan areas, where options for survival are already limited, and removing the natural gas option makes the ‘metro-humanity’ totally dependent upon a ‘government utility’… electricity.

Today, you cannot buy anything without electricity for the computerized cash register, pump a tank of gas, store frozen foods, take a hot bath, get the news or talk on a phone without it.  The energy options of solar, wind, and nuclear are all dependent upon the industries that produce the parts and components required to make the things that allow you to produce.  Control of the resources and politics that provides for them is a priority for the ‘One World Oligarchy’.

Eliminating Natural Gas as an option for individuals and communities is a devious assault by the evil ones that desire power and control over humanity.  Ultimately, Natural Gas is immediately produced ‘naturally’.  It is a byproduct of life itself, not needing an industry or distribution, and can be free for those willing to utilize their own waste.  It is a threat to those who desire power and control over the human race.

The pitiful irony of this issue lies in the innocent ignorance of those who are so indoctrinated into the New World Oder mentality they will willingly sell their freedom and soul in support of an evil stupidity.  May the Creator, the gods, bless the Flatulent Bug.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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