The Prosaic Collection

These six Prosaic canvass prints are selected from the archive of the metaphysical poet.  Each is of unique structure and subject; and, written in the past century, yet relevant to any time and place and person.  They are considered Classics of ‘layman’s literature’… elegant while simplistically simple and understandable. 

This collection of six Prosaic canvass prints is a limited edition of 100; and, can only be acquired as a complete six print collection.  Art collectors, investors, those with interest in advancement of global awareness of forthcoming events will be interested in this unique opportunity. 

Details: On high quality canvass.  18 inch width.  24 inch length.  Designed for frame stretch mounting.  To provide for efficient preparations and shipping the Prosaic Collection will be delivered in a cylinder spool, insured, special delivery.  Each print will be numbered and signed (xx of 100).  A personal letter from the author will accompany the delivery.

History:  The author has remained unattached to groups, organizations, movements, clubs, cults and any particular political or religious identity. This was mandated to him as a small child in order to maintain autonomy and individuality, for ultimate purposes.  As you read the front page of this website you will also see he has been very involved in the needs and issues of life, however. He has been, and remains, a person devoted to the precious principles of America’s Constitution (as an enlightened vision of human/social potential), a respectful citizen of our planetary family, attuned to the Creator of our existence and those who are of other planets in our galaxy and universe.

These Prosaic prints, and the manner in which they are presented, serve a purpose.  In the most candid fashion, it is to provide the funds required for advancing the awareness and acceptance of a ‘Creator’ far beyond our past and present beliefs; and, preparing the human family for the imminent and pending contacts with intelligent life beyond our planet. 

In all due respect, whatever your motives for purchasing this limited edition of Prosaic Prints, this is what the funds will provide.  The logistics and formats are in place for this mandate.

Credibility:  The writer has no criminal record and total credibility with all he is associated with.  Your purchase will be honored exactly as presented.

Be aware, this presentation and the author and any associated with it are autonomous.  There are no endorsements, no certifications, no organizations or institutions, no religions or political alliances.  Contrary to common assumptions and practices, this autonomy will prove to be the essential force allowing a universal voice at the table of noise.

Inquiries regarding purchase of a limited edition can be made by completing the form below and putting Limited Edition in the subject line.

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