“As our understanding of the universe expands,  the endlessness of infinity is an awareness far beyond our comprehension, and the miracle of life becomes an even greater mystery; our old concepts of our gods and the theocracies that perpetuate them become less relevant.

As it becomes more evident how our greatest inhumanities of the past and present are rooted in the paganisms of religions, and the spiritual arrogances engrained within them, the human world will no longer hold these ‘prisons of ignorance’ as authorities representing and dictating the Will of their Gods.

As this, the Fourth Era of Humanity, is coming to an end and the new era begins, the human consciousness is enduring the ‘Great War of Minds’…a time of purging and the dark ages of elite exemption for the laws of ‘cause and effect’.

Many new things will emerge, and each will have their own self-righteous hypocrisy. Yet, the horizon shines with the bright light of Humility as minds go beyond their little world and embrace an infinity of enlightenments within an eternal universe and its embodiment of the Creator.”

A quote from the Alien Mentor

What is A Universal Infidel?

One who believes there is an infinite and timeless Creator and the infinite universe is the Creator’s embodiment; who believes in the intimate omnipresence of the Creator as the inseparable embodiment of all things; who believes in the spiritual evolution of each life within the Creator. Nothing is wasted. It does not waste Itself.

One who is in Awe and humbled by the mystery and miracle of life while holding a confident faith in its purposes and the unending patience and grace of its Creator.

One who believes in the unlimited dimensions of the Creator as It is not limited to, nor will It bow down to, our smallness of thought, who understands and will be of no fear that the universe is full of life and much of these lives are far beyond us in our understanding of the universe and its wonders.

One who believes in the many purposes of the many religions, their principles of goodness, but not in the prisons of their doctrines and exclusiveness that shackle the soul of life and manifest our inhumanities.

One who strives to be a soul of love and goodness to all life, ruthless with honesty unto its ‘self’; yet, as gracious as possible to all who rebuke the efforts of this open light that awakens the eternal Godlette-soul within us.

One who has come to know it is a mere flash on eternity that we exist as we now exist, and all that now matters is a fixation on the moment, a trial by the moment, each increment of time provides opportunity for enlightenments.

One who believes in the integrity of each soul of life, relient upon being one who lives in the manner of this conviction.  Yet, a warrior, when demanded, to stand upon the monument of the ‘God-self’ against the evils of many forms upon the humankind and all life in the universes.

To this, and more, the Infidel is one whose Faith is not in what little one knows; rather, a Faith in the certainty of life’s purpose and what is not known.

The Infidel does not fear the unknown; rather, a cautiously open consciousness of our unlimited existence within our Creator.

The Infidel is the Great Believer.

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