When someone invades your home and eats your food, and you pay for everything, it does seem to be unseemly.  When the government tells you it’s okay and gives them taxpayer support and an ID so they can exercise the same rights as you, it seems even more unseemly.  When you attempt to remove these ‘invaders’ from your home the government makes you a criminal.  It does seem like a fictional scenario; yet, that is exactly what is occurring in America today. 

If it looks, walks and quacks like a duck it is not irrational to assume it is a duck….no conspiracy theories, no hallucinations.  With methodic, long-term intentions, the Marxist mentality has infiltrated and occupied the primary functions of our society.  These primary functions include government, from the total federal level to the local schools, to universities and colleges, to state governments, to agencies of public service on all levels and the judicial/courts.  Marxist/communists, like George Soros, have used the free enterprise system to finance and manipulate the media, communications industries, the entertainment industries and principle parties in the political system.  It is within these ‘systems’ they manage to ‘rewire’ and control the weak minded in society.

By utilizing the  principles of Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto, the doctrines of creating dependency subdues the objectivity and ‘Will’ of select groups within a society.  The major application of this principle began with Lynden Johnson and his ‘great society’; thus, consolidating minorities by race and culture and financial dependency….and formations of separationist entities pretending to be forces of unity and equity.  HUD, NAACP, and more current formations such as DEI and BLM are devices of division and fanaticisms pretending to be in the pursuit of a better world while achieving the opposite.

We now have three 20-year generations (plus) entirely indoctrinated and subservient to the dictates of the evil minds of an elite cult aiming for a world of turmoil and eventual global dominance.  The movies containing the ‘walking dead’ and ‘zombies’ are not just fictional horror movies.  Rather, a visual hyperbole of the consequences of mindless humans conditioned, bought and paid for, to destroy civilizations as we have known them.

The ’War of Minds’ is real.  The puppet leaders of this ‘evil mind’ dress nice, talk smooth, pretend to be the intelligencia and gain the admiration of masses, as politicians, entertainers, hollywood characters, financial icons, faces of the media and those who teach our children.  And, with the collective intent of dismantling the sovereignty and functional capacity of nations of constitutional liberties.

Within this global cult of evil is a principal character, Goerge Soros.  His duty is to monopolize the medias in the western cultures and finance a diversity of ‘zombie’ collectives for this purpose.  He is only one among many.  Our present executive branch are instruments of this evil in ‘The War of Minds’.  The invasion at our borders and sanctioning of these multitudes, though invaders into our precious home, is an integral part of the agenda to dismantle democracies around the world. 

The present day Democratic political party is a diverse collective of this evil; and, most unwittingly, many will support it and, thus, be the hypocrisy supporting the demise of what they have benefited and enjoyed as humans in a constitutional Republic.

George Soros.  One among the many instruments of evil in this,
‘The War of Minds’.

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