The more I know, the more I know I don’t know.

This is a humbling thought.  For those who are of a curious and open mind about the mystery of our existence it is a stark reality, but welcomed.  It comes down to a matter of confidence in our existence, whatever the mysteries it proposes.

Whether folks are aware of it or not, our awareness of the incredible universe in which we do exist has expanded, increased, been altered in how we see ourselves within this grand ol’ thing we call ‘life’.  We are no longer the center of the universe.  The sun and stars no longer revolve around this little planet.  The planet earth is no longer flat.

Yes, the more we know, the more we know we do not know.  It was not so long ago that the sun was a god, to some cultures.  It was not long ago that sacrificing a human (or many humans) to appease a god, was okay.  It was not long ago that anyone who did not believe and oblige the religious doctrines of the community was an ‘infidel’, an ‘unbeliever’, a ‘heretic’, a ‘witch’.  They were hung or burned at a stake…in the name of ‘god’.  To some measure, this is now seen as evil within the minds of most humans.

Yet, the ‘exclusiveness’ many religions still assume within their doctrine is the only path to their only god.  Those who do not oblige this doctrine are damned to hell or of lesser value in the eyes of their god.  Fortunately, this bigotry of ignorance is fading away as most humans realize the miracle and mystery of our existence goes far beyond this littleness.

In the past, and present, many humans desperately need a well-defined and structured orthodoxy that assures them of a secured place and purpose, a ‘salvation’ within the complexities of life.  This amounts to nothing more or less than ‘a spiritual market’ to be exploited and managed.  It has been so for eons and continues today.

Living in a Progression.

Perhaps you can relate and identify with me as I share my own progression.  I am cautious, reluctant, analytic, skeptical, question myself, hold the news and politics at arm’s length, find a bit of cynical humor in all the videos and blogs and various videos we are bombarded with every moment of every day. It is important to be so.  Hyperbole and drama attracts the human attention and subjects itself to the item at hand.  Imaging attracts the visual mind to the utopian mirage intended.  It fascinates and lures us into the world of thought the messenger intends.  The greater the hyperbole and drama the more cautious I become.

Everyone has his/her own nature about such things.  I, for one, am only interested in the bottom line, the pursuit of simple facts, open to the clarifications required to verify facts.  Despite all my romanticism and idealisms there remains the responsibility to be grounded and await what is real and workable in the moments I live.

So, what little I may know is always subject to a new moment, an expansion or contradiction to what I thought I knew only a moment ago.  To some, this is unstable.  To the ‘enlightened’ it is perpetual ‘progression’.

Why are we so desperate to close the books on the awareness of our existence?  This is the ultimate question and mandate of the human phenomenon.

A Continuous Progression into Realities.

At the risk of being redundant, “Reality is not a manifested conclusion.  It is an open door to an infinitely detailed progression, subject to our individual capacity to comprehend and accept”.

We are a species divided into those capable of accepting this ‘reality’ and those who are not.  This ‘Jaw Wagger’ has itemized these realities many times in books/texts and past blogs.  They are available to you if you wish to know what they are. (The Universal Infidel Bookstore) (Grassroots Jaw Wags).

Those few who actually read, ponder, pursue the realities of our existence will venture into these resources.  They are simple, clear, sincere, no hyperbole, no visual extravagances, no ‘fluff’, no literary elegances.

Even in this, the ‘book’ is still wide open as we venture into a continuous life and the ‘realities’ awaiting us.  A wonderful man once told me, so long ago, “Replacing fear with a divine curiosity is the real seeker’s faith”.  He also noted, in a transitional conversation, “your intuitive mind will always guide you with cautions.  The most attractive and shining things can possess the greatest evils while the crudest earthenware can hold the sweetest wine”.

As we face our temporarity in this moment of living, it is worthwhile to set aside a few moments of each day in awe of our very existence.  The awesomeness of it is not an intimidation; rather, a solemn and forthright journey of anticipation.  It helps us to be careful with what we are and do, as these are the steps that lead to the next moment in our venture into ‘Realities’.

These comments are not intended to be ‘preachy’…not at all.  They are simple facts we acknowledge or not.


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