When you think of a tree what color is it?  Virtually without exception, the color is green.  That’s a good generality.  However, there are many species of trees that are not leafed in green.

With this little example in mind, it is so easy for humans to take one first impression and make conclusions that may not be accurate.  In fact, the reality can be precisely the opposite.  Once we begin to look at the whole of any issue of life we see there are many variations and details that make ‘profiling’ a potentially impulsive error in judgment.

Yet, these ‘generalities’ do have their place.  It is still a tree.  We have to call it something.  The challenge in our judgmental impulsiveness is taking the time and making the effort to specifically understand the details that provide for the conclusion.  This path will take us into shades of grey, colorful beauty, or well-defined unacceptability.  The old saying “the devil is in the details” can also be ‘the angel is in the details”.

In this, the critical line a rational human walks is in knowing the difference between ‘judgment’ and being ‘judgmental’.  This is our greatest challenge; but, it requires far too much work and effort, too much self-control of our emotional impulsiveness to forego ‘judgmentalism’ and allow sound ‘judgment’.

This may seem like a trite subject to many.  Yet, it is the foremost flaw in the human character and fundamental catalyst for the great divides among our species.  Religion, politics, economics, cultures, language, race, profession, education, fashion, location, accent, physical features, and the list can go on as ‘superficial profiling’, or ‘judgmentalism’.

Another old saying “we can’t judge the book by the cover” is a most interesting one.  It, in itself, is saying we already have a mind-frame set upon a certain criteria for what is a ‘cover’ to a book.  I have a small library of books.  Some are quite old and have no covers.  But, the content is precious; and they stand on the shelves in the same manner as those with covers.  In other words, my little library is not a display for my personal vanity; rather, for the knowledge and ‘art of mind’ it contains.

With this being said, I wonder how many different reactions and forms of premature judgment there are, and will be, regarding this website (The UniversalInfidel.com) and how many would actually be open-minded enough to venture into this blog.

The more ‘religious’ may react by thinking it is the work of ‘the devil’ and lack the courage to look into its content.  Others would pre-conclude since I am not of their ‘faith’ I must be an atheist or a ‘left-wing radical’.  The possibilities may be of countless ‘profiles’.

For those who have ventured this far, you deserve definition.  I am a very devoted, spiritual man with a faith far beyond your pre-conclusion.  I am not a liberal or conservative, politically; Rather, a ‘Preservative’.  If you actually invite this blog into your space on a regular basis you will comprehend the term ‘Preservative’.  If you read the books on this website you will find me to be a familiar presence within your own thoughts and questions about the miracle of our existence.

Ultimately, the ‘profiling’ was unnecessary.


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