The premise is based upon mandates from those we call ‘Aliens’.  These mandates are directives that I carefully make certain a YouTube or any other platform be as “individualized’, singular, non-associated as possible.

What does this imply? It means something like this: ‘Belonging’ to something also means you do not belong to everything else.  A ‘religion’, a political indoctrination, a race, a cult, an effort to be exclusive in communities and ideology is, by definition and reality, an alienation from the rest of the world around you.

Being proud of what you are, the race you are, the religion you practice, the politic you profess, the values you find worthwhile are all a part of the precious reality of our being human.  Yet, if they are of the intentions to subvert, oppress, aggress, subdue, selfishly exploit, make ourselves more than those who are not of our demographics, we are an evil in the world of human life.

As this little planet holds so many of our species and we inter-connect and interact more than known history, it is an imperative that we do the gleaning essential to a peaceful and free world of human life.  This ‘gleaning’ requires some candid and straightforward self-analysis.  And, it is something only a few will do, in the beginning.  It is through their honest efforts that others will liberate themselves from the shackles of their precious bigotries and look into the wonders of the mysterious miracle of living with far greater tolerances while also holding fast to the simplicity of what is an honorable soul.

As these www platforms develop and present themselves, it is hoped you will actually read, listen, take to heart, what is being presented to you.  You will notice something very different in all of them, as they arise.  No one is asking you for a single coin.  Everything is simple and without all the fluff and games and devices that could exploit you.  No one is trying to proselyte you, make you a ‘member’ of anything, convert you into a singular sense of exclusiveness with a god or realms of utopian heavens.

So, you few who are getting these commentaries are appreciated, greatly.  Be devoted to the expansions forthcoming; and, encourage others to join in as we venture into a new era of thought and living and improving our spiritual nature as ‘organically’ as possible.


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