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Not so long ago, in a place not so far away, the planet earth was at total war. Then, as this war ended, the world leaders gathered to create a treaty of restitutions and compensations that assured a new war would soon begin; and, it did. At the end of the second global war, the world leaders gathered to create a treaty of alliances that divided nations and provided compensations to appease their inhumanities. Both motives assured a new war would soon begin; and, it has begun.

In short, a historical study, with integrity, of the lands of the middle east, its’ cultural-political-theocratic struggles and transitions, is mindboggling. The little region, once Canaan, came to full focus as the Tribes of Judea invaded. Over the many centuries, this little patch of ground has changed hands as great dynasties of the east and west claimed it and exploited it. Significant events also occurred, making it a valued piece of real-estate for at least three major religions.

Some of the most horrendous atrocities of human conflicts have occurred there; and, over nothing more than the obnoxious pretenses of spirituality and the will of a god.

When the infant United Nations and NATO asserted itself into the multi-cultural Theocracies of this little piece of real-estate and Palestine became the nation of Israel they collectively created a determinate for the Third World War. It would be humorous if it were not so stupid. For nearly eight decades world leaders have struggled to find a solution to a situation created by world leaders; and, the PARADOX is “there are moments in the human drama when, as a species, the human creates a situation that has no solution. It is here the human mind reverts to the most primitive pursuits and justifies its inhumanities as a solution.”

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

Observation 1976.

An Analysis of Campus-Education Trends

This is from a personal observational diary written in 1976 and later published in the American Editorial Free Press in 1996.
“I have studied on five college campuses now; and, find I am not so much in pursuit of a particular field or profession. Rather, more interested in the cultures within these campuses and what they are producing that will be most influential to the course of my nation. It is, with all authenticity, a study in Social Anthropology.

Each campus has some common factors that contribute to their ‘products’ for society. I list the obvious ones, at present, and will probably discover others in the process of ‘excavation’.

  • Within the mental aura, ambiance and attitudes of administration and professorships is a peculiar arrogance, a distinct assumption of being of special importance; and, it carefully asserts itself as a sharp blade of power into the student bodies.
  • The departments of the humanities are less objective. In fact, all the campuses attended are overtly inserting a most aggressive subjectivity into every course. It seems that to be critical and negative is cool. I find this conflicting with my own nature to be as constructive as possible in critiquing a subject….not destroying it.
  • There is a thing I’ve become aware of in the professorships called ‘tenure’. It is a very important item to them. In short, ‘tenure’ is a contract of permanence. The person cannot be fired or dismissed. In other words, he/she doesn’t have to do their job anymore. They can get student teachers to do it for them, spend more time soliciting for grants and pretend to work in some vacation spot and get paid for it. It appears many of those ‘tenured’ are constantly finding time and ways to get a book written and published or a new theory printed in a periodical.
  • These things don’t really bother me too much. But, as I listen to them in classes, workshops and lectures they are all socialist and openly, or subtly, implanting these Leninist concepts into very gullible young minds. I see how persuasive they are as I, too, am often enticed by their colorful and intellectual manner of presenting idealistic unrealisms. Yet, I never let them know I have thoroughly read The Communist Manifesto, Mein Kempf, the American Constitution and many socio-political experiments of societies throughout history. Perhaps I need to write a book too (lol).
  • The great majority of these ‘teachers’ have a psychological problem. It probably comes with the job. They have a profound intellectual vanity. And, it is very sensitive. In the world of true education is the reality of individuality, relativity and tolerance of a diversity of ideas. Few would openly object to this premise while few, if any, have the capacity to exercise it. To openly debate a particular item with the professor is ‘grade suicide’. I have, however, found a handful that are very encouraging of sharing intelligent opinions on issues. Even they appear cautious about their respect for other opinions.
  • A few years earlier, I had most of my classes with a young man who was/is president of the campus Democratic Socialist Party. He was raised, partially, in an area in Arkansas where most of my mother’s family lives. I often spend time there and have heard a great deal about this man’s background and family. We often meet at the Georges Majestic Lounge on Dickson Street after classes. He is a poster-boy for the socialist, political class….well groomed for it. Has no tolerance of a different opinion. Especially if presented coherently. His ambition is to become America’s President.

Summations: Statement of concern: In this year of 1976, with all the observations on hand, attuning to the individual and collective mindsets of these environments provides conclusions, for my part, regarding future events (short and long).

  • In all, the campuses of America are a collective of ‘Socialist Production Machines’. It is its own hybrid form of socialism and it will not come about peacefully. First, Capitalism is what funds the production of these ‘socialist’ enclaves of education. Second, the young people who are produced through these institutions pay their portion via their parents who have jobs that capitalism produces for them or they, as students, have jobs that capitalism produces for them. What disturbs me is the assumption that these people are intelligent though they are unable to understand the fundamentals of Economics 101, and cannot compete with the innate comprehension of a three-year-old child.
  • This will be most evident in the dramatic national debt that will bankrupt America, and other countries, in the early part of the next century.
  • The socialist mentality will dominate all levels of government and the public education system.
  • Hitler said, “To own the children is to own the future”. This will become a major battleground on all levels of public education.
  • In each college community is an assortment of little clubs or groups hoping to spread their agendas and gain more power politically. These are not just political. They are racial, ethnic, sexual and environmental. I have a feeling they will all be a problem at the same time, and soon.
  • I have noticed a significant increase in international students. With serious effort, I have concluded on some questionable motives. Big money (our taxes) is being offered to these institutions by our government, other governments and corporate interests to accept these students. The American government also has made quiet commitments to employing these ‘non-citizens’ in government positions. WHY? Chemistry, mathematics, and communications are the majors they are preferring. The US government has committed to contracting to these chemist labs for our military and other vaccines and drugs, produced off-shore and tariff-free. In other words, there is a ‘good ol’ boy’, under the table, symbiotic arrangement, in which a lot of people make questionable profits. Plus, I question the logic of depending upon a potential enemy making our military’s drugs.
  • This college non-citizen student thing is part of creating a general mentality that lessens the priority of a sovereign nation; which falls in line with the long-term agenda of dismantling the American Republic. This will get very serious in the coming years. We will lose control of our borders.
  • There is a notable increase in students and other individuals from the Middle East in these college communities. Most of them do not adapt well, seem resentful and very aloof. Perhaps it is my suspicious nature when I see them buying stores and motels and it is very difficult to follow the money. I have been able to establish that the SBA is a major finance source, few are ever paid back, and the major portion of those in the SBA are non-citizens. It is only estimated that 1 in 10 can adequately speak English.

Clay Howard (1976)

✭✭✭ THE AMERICAN WAY. Don’t be Afraid. ✭✭✭

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