Imagine a time when self-sustaining, perpetual energy generation systems will power everything.  The time is soon coming when oil, solar, wind, and all the alternatives of the marketplace will no longer be needed for electrical power.  The time will come, soon, when distribution (the power grid) will no longer be necessary.

The progression toward a real energy solution has come in steps, stages, in increments.  Each has produced the knowledge and awareness of how to and how not to.  As we approach a crossroad in our progression, as a species, we may become, at least, mature enough to manage an entirely innate solution to the issue of ‘energy’.  It is not new.  This knowledge and its use have been around in the galaxies for a very long time.

We can be satisfied with our own definition of a ‘solution’ to anything; but, it may not be a definition that reaches far enough.  So, in time, when the fragility and downsides of what we assume is a solution begin to trouble us we can, then, be willing to expand our minds and redefine what a solution is.

What is a real solution?  It fulfills the following criteria.

  1. It would not require fuel or depend upon other acts of nature to operate.
  2. It would not have a by-product. No waste. No pollutants.
  3. It consumes nothing and leaves nothing.
  4. It would not rely upon any outside element to sustain its operation.
  5. It would be continuous and self-sustaining.
  6. It would not need to be distributed.
  7. It would be innate within the physics of creation. Thus, not altering or destroying anything.
  8. It could be built on any scale for any demand and for virtually every human need.
  9. It would be attached to, or part of, that to which it is supplying power.
  10. It would outlive that to which it is supplying power.
  11. All elements within its function would be re-useable.
  12. It would have an operational profile of simplicity.
  13. It would be affordable and available to all people.

Anything less than this criteria is not a real solution.

The Inevitables

  1. Vehicles and transport with their own self-sustaining power generating system. No fuels. No consumption. No by-product.
  2. Homes, businesses, industries totally self-powered with perpetual generation systems. No powerlines or distribution.  No nuclear hazards or waste.  No power plants or pollutants.
  3. Greenhouses, even in the most hostile climates, with a completely controlled environment, producing foods with efficiency and perpetually.
  4. Improved global health with efficient production and purification of water. This, with the ability to bath, cook and preserve foods, provide safe drinking water as innovations arise through innate power sourcing.
  5. Restoration of each nation’s self-sufficiency and security by not needing fuels and the elimination of power grids.
  6. A world not needing wars for fuels and resources.
  7. A world no longer justifying the insanity of nuclear power.


As we consider the ramifications and transitions a real energy solution implies it is important to keep in mind it will not occur overnight.  But, once this discovery of ‘matter-physics’ occurs, the transition will be quick.  It will not occur without conflict and resistance.  And, will introduce a new era of economics and concept of economics, allowing for less power-structure control of wealth and politic.

In addition, it will not come from the radical environmentalist movements or the industries that depend upon environmental issues as they market solutions.  The irony is that it will come from those who are outside of the cults of science, the free-thinking intrapreneurs.

As you read this audacious commentary you will ask “who does this guy think he is saying these things?”  To be clear, I am only stating what I was shown as a child and recently refreshed with this information.  It comes from what I refer to as ‘the mentors’, ‘visitors’.

Clay  (The Universal Infidel)

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