We assume there is this awesome space between the embodiments of the universe.  Wrong!  The entire infinite universe is a web of vortexes, much like a brain is structured, whereby a ‘connection’, a fiber of magnetic interplay, connects everything.  “Oh, what a web is weaved”.

If we had the capability of detaching ourselves from the confines of our view into the infinity in which we live, we could fundamentally understand the concise and multiplistic interweaving of creation.  As yet, we do not.  However, sometimes we need to get so small we can begin to comprehend the endless.  At present, we have an elementary understanding of the structure of an atom (though we, as yet, have little understanding of the components, their catalytic formations and relationships within an atom.)

Why begin with the atom?  Because it is the primary particle we assume to be the matrix on which all matter is formed.  Then, we come to the factors that make atoms accept and reject each other in order to manifest the diversity of materials on which we exist.

This principle of reality has totally applicable insights into our entire existence from our bodies, all things we perceive to exist, our own brain structures, life-conscious on any and all levels. It is both physics and metaphysics, both science and spiritual, does not deny a ‘God’ but enhances and endlessly expands the perception of what we call ‘God’.

This commentator only introduces the principle for your good considerations.  In due time, an entire text regarding the intricate and universal “web so weaved’ will be available for your mindful indulgences.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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