Fact:  In our most intimate history.   Despite our focus on the conflicts in Europe and the Pacific, there is another war we so often need to pay attention to.  Yet, it is the most profound, complex, and decisive of events that made D-Day and other events successful.

To be clear, this is not to lessen to any measure the mortal value and respect for every person who was involved in any event throughout any moment of this horrific tenure of our inhumanity.

Here are the facts, however:  On what we refer to as the ‘eastern front’ of this profound conflict of global humanity, we must never forego what really transpired and the equally profound sacrifices of countless fellow humans.

Let’s get real here.  The past century manifested the greatest demise and disregard for the value of human life ever experienced or documented in human history.

I present numbers here.  Be it known, one is too many, for my part.  Yet, can you begin to imagine over 28 million of your fellow feeling, thinking, and loving humans dying, in ways that dispel all our barriers of self-denial?  This is what happened in the ‘western war’, the unknown war that the western world does not want to be aware of.

Yet, it was a war that made all the advances and victories of the allies against Germany possible.  Without this ‘war’ between Germany and Russia, the wars would have resulted much differently.

Why make this posting?  Because we are so indoctrinated we are unable to see and think to the depth essential to grasp our past, present, and future.

Again, I suggest every person capable of the endurance and inner strength to indulge themselves in watching the documentary (The Unknown War, narrated by Burt Lancaster) to do so.

Again why?  Because we are such a weak and idealistic society we do not have the mind-frame to be ready and useful for what will soon come.  These documentaries of factual events and how so many wonderful people adapted and overcame them may have some measure of value to you who dare.

That’s enough justification, for my part.

Clay (The UniversaI Infidel)

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