Self-observation and reflection is a good thing.  It is giving ourselves permission to look at both ourselves and events in a better fashion of clarity.  In today’s world, that’s a challenge.  Things seem so ‘topsy-turvy’ and uncertain.  This scenario can be applied to virtually any and everything.

In this commentary, the subject is our social dynamics and political uncertainties.  Moreover, what we think we are losing or assume we are gaining.  You will measure these things by your own ‘yardstick’.

We who have lived in a constitutional democracy have more often taken it for granted.  All those precious freedoms of life seem like an entitlement secured and there forever.  WRONG!  It is a unique moment in human history, designed by some very foresighted people, established and maintained (to the present) by a lot of sacrifices.  It is often said that freedom is won or lost by each generation.  How real that is!  It only takes one generation that does not understand, appreciate, and support the essentials of preserving these precious liberties to destroy and/or lose them.

In this regard, every person who lives in this unique time and place of constitutional freedoms has the responsibility to stay aware of the events that threaten and/or preserve them.  And, sometimes, it takes a course of events and people who have no regard for these values to come to power.  This ‘power’ can be in education, civil services, legislatures, agencies, and administrations.  It can be instruments of these powers, such as organizations and ‘movements’ that are more obvious than the covert subtleties behind the scenes.

Whatever the personality and events behind them, the intent is to remove the liberties we take for granted and replace them with a more dictatorial and authoritarian system.  But these ‘powers’ can pre-assume their own invincibility and pre-assume the docility of the public they intend to rule over.

Here is where the ‘upside of things’ comes into the picture.  Over the past couple of years, we have had the opportunity to see the wolf show its face.  Now, even the sheep are beginning to become aware of the wolf they assumed was the sheepdog.

A number of societies (the populous) are seeing how constitutional liberties can and will be lost if taken for granted and unwilling to stand their ground against this subtle or blatant tyranny, whether in the form of outright violence or the deviousness of politics and entitled agencies of government.  It is a matter of an ‘awakening’ from the slumber of lethargy.

From school boards to big tech, from city councils to governors, from legislatures to judges the scrutiny of their goods and evils is being seen for what they are.  An uprising is in the making; and it is essential to the freedoms of the human minds and the nations in which they live.  The intricacies and details would encompass the entirety of libraries.  So, no need for this commentary to go anywhere near that.

As noted earlier, each generation is an essential part of this preservation of the concepts and principles of human liberty.  In this, the most refreshing and inspiring thing is the rebellion of the youth, as they have been oppressed, subjugated, and have experienced what loss of this precious liberty really is.  When referring to youth, it encompasses folks from kindergarten to folks in their 30s and 40s.   The real people of our civil future. It does not include the ‘brain-dead’ misfits of organizations like Antifa or BLM, for example.

The awakening of this multitude of youth is the brightest star in the night of our ‘awakening’ for the restoration and preservation of liberty.


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