A number of years, past, the ‘Mentors’ spoke of a ‘mindset’ enveloping the planet and most effectual to the human consciousness.  According to the ‘Mentors’, this ‘conscious force’  has been focused upon this planet for many millennia and slowly manifested in particular human groups as they became more engrained in social structures, ritualistic, theocratic and political structures; thus, allowing for the ‘possessionism’ of those in power, as individuals who could become mediums of authority the populus would succumb to.

Like a virus, this ‘mindset’ is contagious.  It is spread by voice, impressionisms, systems of influences over young minds, weak minds, methods of entertainment and media communicating on a broad spectrum of a society, adversity in individual and collective social structures.  It seeks weakness.  This ‘weakness’ is found in the fragility and insecurity within the human consciousness.

It is not so different from a common cold or flu where an individual is in a state of vulnerability, lacking the immunities essential to resistance.  Yet, this ‘mindset’ is a living entity capable of functioning on both the physical, mental and astral (emotional) domains of consciousness. It is, therefore, very capable of a ‘subliminal’, or subconscious, influence upon the thought processes of the individual; and, upon a collective of individuals.

Historically, ‘it’ has manifested in a variety of forms and given many names.  ‘It’ has manifested in politics, the military, economics, education, sciences and technologies, and religious environs and exerted itself in the most tyrannical and horrific inhumanities, a decadent disregard of those virtues of respect for others, vanities over humility, opulence in extreme, perversions in sensualities and many subtle manifestations of human demise.  This ‘mindset of conscious life’ derives its fulfillments in the decadences it manifests through the human species.

‘Wokeness’ is a variant of this ‘spiritual disease’, among other variants.  It comes anonymously, without defined purposes or clarity of intent, relent upon distortion of realities and perpetuation of a populus of shallow spirits.  It is contagious and virtually without institutional cure.  It delights in the alternatives that are also its creation, as weak, self-ordained and illusional solutions.

It has two antidotes….free-strong minds and the absence of fear.  When these two qualities of consciousness (mind and spirit) candidly confront the ‘Woke Virus’ it has no logic with which to defend itself.  It relies upon your fear and silence.

Clay  (The Universal Infidel)  

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