Records of unprecedented deaths among the younger ages in America reveal the consequences of a number of origins.  You can pick them out of your own choosing.  However, records do show that the overwhelming majority deceased due to long-term ailments that originated from Covid vaccines.  The CDC and government agencies are making extra effort to keep this information from the general public.  Physicians are now speaking out and alerting the public as they address this ‘vax pandemic’ in their daily practices.

Of course, there are the usuals, e.g., drugs, careless ‘bulletproof’ attitudes, depression, social media coercions and direct violence among the young to middle age groups.  The ‘public’, and governments are legalizing various drugs and illusionary enhancements, many deemed health benefits, that have long-term decadences in the mental state of individuals and social consequences that are more prevalent in younger groupages.

However, along with the over-medicated pharmacy world we live in are the chemicals in foods that have a short-term enhancement and an eventual demise.  Steroids, energy boosters, weight-loss chemicals, and age-defying gimmicks, all combine to inhibit the body’s innate capacity to adapt and lessen our more organic and long-term options.  Asbestos in the municipal water systems remains and has for decades.  Lead remains in many municipal and residential systems.  Remember the ‘Mad Hatter.  It is a story derived from the ‘Top Hat’ era when lead was used to form and rigidity of the hats and the makers would literally go mad.

We progressively live in a plastic world.  Our beverages, wrappers, clothing, utensils, furniture, walls, and more, are composed of residual chemicals if, in their original state, would be classified as ‘hazardous waste’….all radiating and decomposing as we use them and live in them.

In all, our daily lives and the impositions of corporations and government all combine to make the ‘climate change issue’ a fool’s folly.   However we wish to point fingers and place blame, from the complex web of our lifestyles and obliqueness to the corporate, media, advertising, and governmental world, as they create the illusion we are doing well, the young and gullible are dying and we haven’t seen anything yet.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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