1. As we witness the events in Ukraine it is best we back up and have the patience and insight
for an authentic perspective on what has transpired and is transpiring. The documentary (The
Unknown War, narrated by Burt Lancaster) is among the best of them all. (Most available on

2. If you are interested in college or trades for your life, in an environment that makes you a
responsible adult in the real world, here are some suggestions for your review; and, perhaps,
those who are ready for the real world. (Remember, trades and skills are the real future for
you and your nation.)
a. Hillsdale College
b. College of the Ozarks

There are more; but, look closely. The conventional colleges and universities are not desirable and
produce a very dysfunctional person for our nation and its posterities. We and our posterities can be
better than this.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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