Why do so many people believe the only way one can be a true American patriot is to be a Christian?

Why do so many assume a person cannot have total regard and respect for the precious principles of our Constitutional Republic if he/she is not a Christian?

Why would anyone of their right mind assume, in this infinite universe of profound wonders, the only saving grace of a Creator is to be ‘saved’ through the pagan doctrines imposed by theocratic prejudices and ambition, so long ago?

Even in the Constitution, so vehemently treasured, the freedom of religion is a wise and foresighted principle engraved by men who had witnessed the religious fanaticisms and vicious persecutions of their fellow humans.  Be it known, not all of those founding fathers were ‘Christians.  They were of many different spiritual perspectives. Be it known, no particular religion is even slightly written in our Constitution.  And, be it known, freedom of religion also means freedom from religion.

Yet, in the greatest pretenses of honoring the principles of the constitution, and the ‘freedom of religion’, many Americans believe the only freedom is to be a Christian. In its own ironic way, this is no different from the fanaticisms of Islam or any other religion of ‘exclusivism’.  The ‘non-believers, the ‘infidels’, cannot possibly be devoted patriots of America and its Constitutional principles, to these narrow-minded human creatures.

Be it known, the human world is awakening to the hypocrisies and contradictions of this thinking.  Yes, the principles of the ‘golden rule’ are precious to most of humanity.  Great, quiet, spiritual people live wonderful and exemplary lives, of many faiths.  Even those of no particular faith/religion.

Whether willing or not, acknowledge this ignorant hypocrisy, in any and all religions, the exclusiveness and bigotry that comes from it, is the primary/root cause of our greatest inhumanities to humanity.  Directly and indirectly, the wars, genocides, invasions and oppressions, slavery, and inequities in life have their subliminal roots in our religious arrogance.

So, herein lies the answer to the next questions.  Why are the new generations not inclined to go to churches, temples, synagogues, mosques?  Why are the varieties of cults and demonic groups manifesting within these new generations?  Why the hostility toward conventional institutions and traditions?  The paragraphs above provide the answers, if you wish to look for them.

We would all be wise to ponder this seriously; and share this commentary.  The continuance of our species depends on it.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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