When considering the current issue of abortion this classic line comes to mind.  “To be or not to be” is the decision of whether a developing (or developed) human creature will have a life or not.  It is a difficult decision considering the many circumstances that may be involved in any situation; and, I was very hesitant to even make a comment……one way or another.  Any comment will have serious objections by others or serious approval by others.  It is a 50/50 deal, either way.

Let me begin with addressing a word.  Murder is defined as a deliberate or circumstantial termination of another human life.  By that definition, an abortion is either first or second-degree murder.  Now, how do we dance around this and justify an abortion?  In any other situation, we would be guilty and in prison or put to capital death.  Wow!

Both sides of this issue look at it with a very narrow channel of thought.  Perhaps it would be helpful if a more collective list of factors and considerations were presented.  This would allow the mind to view the issue in a more complex but broadened view of the issue.  Even then, the list would be short as you may well consider a few more factors.  This is good.  You are, at least, looking at it through a wider lens of thought.

The Human Complexities.

  • Puberty begins at an early age while the social and religious parameters put the brakes on actually responding to one’s innate impulses. Internal and external conflict.
  • Often, pregnancy occurs without the economics, maturity and/or relationship that accommodates the responsibility of parenthood.
  • A situation of health, even survival, of the mother is to be considered.
  • Stigma, prejudice, religious, and social attitudes are a factor.
  • The most intimate trauma of this event is the interruption of personal ambitions and goals.
  • Incest and rape are sad events to consider.
  • A woman simply not wanting a child.
  • A man who will not assume the responsibility of a child…or the relationship with the mother that provides for a family situation.
  • The underground, but very real, sex/sex slave market.


  • Different cultures have different ways of dealing with these situations. Most common, it is based upon the dominant religious doctrine within a particular culture.  It varies from community acceptance to stoning the woman to death.  In these extremes are the promiscuities that create a bastard and irresponsible society or a vicious and self-righteous, dogmatic society.
  • There are societies, many in the west (America, for example) that reward promiscuity with various welfare systems. And, there are those who will take advantage of this by breeding as an accounts receivable.
  • To oblige societies of promiscuities, agencies and organizations and corporations and politics join to make industries of breeding and the support systems they devise.
  • On the other hand, there are the more devious industries that pretend to be serving a humane need by providing abortions while they are actually ‘salvage yards’ for body parts and tissues and fluids. The markets are chemical labs, pharmaceuticals and genetics and beauty/health industries.

Liberty Versus Responsibility

There is something left out of this equation.  It is called ‘responsibility and accountability’.  It is easy to say while virtually impossible to totally comprehend.  This difficulty applies to every individual and the community, total society, and the political system within it.  Everyone wants their freedom and liberty while refusing to discipline themselves to the harsh reality of ‘responsibility and accountability’.

This is, in itself, a fine line to walk.  It cannot be authentic when imposed by religious dogma nor can it be honorable when mandated by politic.  Both will only foster and perpetuate the worst within us.

Here lies the reason and purpose for our supreme court.  How do we provide the guidelines that address the great variety of situations regarding our breeding and unwanted breeding?  What most folks are not aware of is that we are a Republic; and, the final decisions and guidelines are determined by the states, not the federal government.  The previous ruling, now about 5 decades old, was an attempt to establish these guidelines on the federal level.  The current review will, ultimately, kick the can down the road by confirming the right of the individual states to establish the guidelines that justify an abortion.

We can only hope each state will provide a fair and rational law of justifications.  And, severe scrutiny regarding the motives and processes for this service.

A Personal Opinion

Everyone has one.  Here is mine.  To agree or not agree is your freedom and liberty.  Yes, a woman is a precious little soul who has the blessing and the burden of pregnancy and motherhood.  I have tried to imagine being a woman in that situation.  Of course, I can’t totally get there; but, it makes me more empathetic to the emotional and mental processing that can, and does, go on within herself.

To consider an abortion would be hell for me, personally.  My spiritual nature would see this new creature as an individual preparing to enter the world and live a life on this physical plane.  My denying that opportunity would be soul-wrenching.  I am not a part of any religion but very attuned to the spiritual side of life.  It is from this position that I am inclined to look at things in the raw, pragmatically, while laying these details in front of my conscious soul.  What would I do?

The realities are far too complex and diverse, as noted above, to make a decision for everyone.  So, yes, a woman’s body justifies her personal concerns and opinions… and decisions.  If she decides on aborting a child it should be extremely early and in an honorable environment with reverence; and, without the devious motives and industries that stand around, like scavengers, waiting on specimens and parts and profit.

It has, ultimately, nothing to do with religion or politics.  It has everything to do with the pragmatic morality and integrity of the individual and the collective society.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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