The North Carolina legislature (USA) has recently attempted to require the University of North Carolina and other state-based colleges and universities to have a basic three-hour credit course in the founding constitution of America (and other very relative items) as part of the required curriculum.

Hundreds of so-called ‘professors’ at UNC have signed a petition objecting to this as an infringement upon freedom in education.  The proposed legislation also eliminates the concept of ‘tenure’, whereby a ‘professor’ has a ‘bulletproof’ position in the university, for the life of his/her activity in the university. What this objection really amounts to is the assumption of responsibility and accountability, which these intellectually vain, and insecure, individuals resent.  The premise that students at these institutions actually read and understand the foundations on which they have the liberty to think and do for themselves is an intimidation to the ‘professor’s freedom to ‘indoctrinate.  Most, if not all, live in a world of secure eliteness, embellished with a vanity they assume is an entitlement, allowing them the liberty to impose their idealisms upon generations of naïve humans.

Being in and out of these ‘academic circles’ for decades has allowed this commentator an insight most useful if you are open to reality.  And, these comments are ‘generalities’ allowing for precious exceptions.  As a whole, this sector of society is a cult, a narcissistic group with a common disease called ‘intellectual vanity’.  As a whole, this sector of society is physically lazy.  As a whole, this sector of society is afraid of actually living in a world of personal accountability for their daily bread.  The socialist mentality is innately and automatically a manifested idealism due to the inability to function outside of this more secure environment.  The old saying “if you can’t do, teach” is particularly applicable.

The critique can go further; but, this is enough to bristle some feathers.  The bottom line with this issue of requiring a small, but essential, knowledge of the constitutional foundation on which this society has established a working and ongoing effort to assure the freedom and dignity of each citizen, is not indoctrination. It is an essential part of education.  Those who oppose this proposition do so out of fear of opinions other than their own and the insecurities they are incapable of managing in their personal lives.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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