Demise by the Pursuit of Perfection – Clay Howard, 1984

The only real problem with civilizations lies in the fact they are full of people.  So, when we pursue a perfect world for an entirely imperfect creature the paradoxes of complexity instantly and continually arise.  Yet, there are those who are convinced a Utopian world is achievable.  Their own imperfections innately exasperate the entire course of their efforts, however.  The first and foremost imperfection is their preconception that others will bow down to their imposition upon the element of free will.  An ideology, perhaps with good intent, manifests itself as zealotry, and from this zealotry comes those unique forms of tyranny.

A ‘social idealism’ has its’ place in human society.  The premise that all people should be treated with equal fairness, offered equal opportunity and have inalienable rights in conduct and speech and protection against individual and collective tyranny are wonderful idealisms. This serves as a counterbalance against the purest form of ‘elite dynastics’, whereby only certain individuals or groups should have opportunity, be treated in an exclusive manner and have liberties beyond the approach of social law.  This arrogance has always existed and exists today in many cultures.

Nothing should be ‘pure’ in the total sense of the word. A ‘pure’ social order is not achievable or sustainable.  Pure Capitalism is as fatal as pure Socialism.  Pure Capitalism is tyranny.  Pure Socialism is tyranny.  Pure Capitalism impoverishes the masses for the opulence of a few.  Pure socialism impoverishes the minds of the masses for the power of a few.   Both create a ‘caste structure’ for society.

Within each side of the social spectrum, there lies the innate human element.  Human collectives will always be populated by those with no honor, no ethics, full of selfishness and greed.  They will be the people assuming  power over others.

However, Capitalism works.  When it is structured within the social by-laws of fairness, opportunity, the liberty of initiative and enforced social law, the instrument of ‘Free Enterprise’ (Capitalism) is fruitful and sustainable.  Socialism does not work.  It is not sustainable and creates a sick social order requiring many generations to heal.

Socialism does not support itself.  It relies upon others for support.  Socialism creates a population of parasites, ticks, and mentally and physically lazy creatures relying upon a governmental structure to support them.  In turn, a socialist government remains in power by appeasing the masses with gratuity for keeping it in power.  This is, essentially, a parasite living off of a parasite.  Thus, a socialist society soon, or eventually, runs out of those it can suck blood from.  It is then a society in debt and soon collapses.  This opens the once-socialist society to a phase of anarchy whereby a populous with no experience in supporting itself is confronted with reality and unable to cope with it.  Those societies unable to adjust to the reality of self-sufficiency and personal accountability inevitably endure impoverishment, ‘desperation crime’ and violence and transitional forms of corrupt governments.

Democracies are most susceptible to socialism.  As Democracies emerge, their essential principles are soon forgotten and taken for granted by the following generations.  The process of democratic rule mandates that those pursuing political office buy the votes of the voting populous.  The voters’ vote is ‘for sale’. The vote has nothing to do with the integrity, longevity or preservation of the nations’ most honorable principles.  It requires only a few generations of these ‘burdens of promises’ to create a society of dependency and a government of unsustainable liability.  The political, economic and social structure collapses.  All ‘republics’ of various democratic structures have ended in this manner.

This is the scenario of American society today.  The same course of events of history is transpiring today in this nation.  A substantial portion of the populace are ticks and vote for the highest bidder.  The price is socialism, the loss of individual liberty and dignity, growth in the size and power of government and a financial burden leading to its’ demise.

Therefore, the ‘socialist utopians’ asserting power over this nation today are the final blow to an otherwise worthy human experiment…..that of Democracy and Free Enterprise in sustainable balance for its posterities.  America now has five primary industries of power…….a political mega-body, military, welfare and policy/regulatory enforcement, media/mis-informational networks and educational indoctrination.  This dynasty of power is supported by a diminishing private enterprise sector and international debt.  This is not sustainable; yet, acute denial postpones the inevitable……….a collapse of the grand experiment of a united democratic republic.

To make this ‘doomsday’ statement is not easy.  Optimism is always preferred even when in the most desperate of circumstances.  A fundamental truth of life still stands, however; ‘the more desperate we become for real solutions the more unacceptable real solutions become’.   The irony lies in another simple reality…..those who will be the least able to cope with this collapse will be those who perpetuated its collapse.  The ‘socialist utopians’ are in for a harsh reality and demise.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

This item is an excerpt from the 60-year diary of observations, analytics and foreseeings….titled ‘The War of Minds’.

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