(the Jihad By agenda.  First written in 1988.)

Jihad has a long-term agenda being fulfilled in our present-day world of migration, immigration and turmoil.  It is simple.  Dominance by way of the womb.  Moving people into a variety of locations around the planet who are of the Islamic/Jihadist persuasion, settling in more concentrated enclaves to influence and eventually dictate the political policies and eventualities on local and national levels, breed to increase a populous over generations in order to dominate the social and political landscape will result in the power to dictate and install the Sharia Law of Islam.

Unlike the ‘western mentality’ of set timetables in short-term visions, Islamic Jihad is a long-term envisionment that may, or may not, require generations to accomplish.  And, unlike the simpleton values of the need for honesty and concepts of ‘freedom’, Sharia Law allows for, and encourages, the righteousness of deceit if it advances the realms of Islam. 

Islam is very aware of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of ‘free societies’.  Using the liberties and freedoms within those societies to eliminate these principles is a critical element within the Jihad agenda.  The principles of ‘tolerance’ perpetuate the theocratic principles of Islamic intolerance.

The ‘sly hand’ of economics is a vital element in financing the Jihad agenda.  As this ‘migration’ takes its course, the Islamic populous focuses primarily upon ‘services and convenience merchandizing’.  Motels, hotels, convenience stores, franchises, liquor retail outlets and international travel are major examples that serve a number of purposes. 

  • It is easy to convert investment into sheltered profits and forward these profits to covert activities.
  • Taking advantage of government agencies and other philanthropies to finance under minority legislations.
  • Utilizing family groupings to manage these activities in a more controlled domestic dynamics under the guidance of Sharia law.

These are not new approaches.  Many people of religious, racial and ethnic origins have functional under these principles.  The significant difference lies in the ultimate objectives.  Rather than simple logic in order to function within a society, Sharia Jihad has the ultimate purpose of conquering those societies and ruling them by theocratic totalitarianism.

The grand vision of ‘Jihad’ is an Islamic World; and, its primary tool for expansion within the world’s societies is through breeding.  The ‘womb’ is the source of numbers, increasing the count within each social structure while severely maintaining a patriarch discipline within the family structure that perpetuates Islam and, more specifically, the dictates of Sharia Law.

Conclusion:  It is obvious to those who see events and the courses of history with good vision that the agenda of Sharia Law, within Islam, is taking hold.  As national borders are no longer considered sovereign and governments become Plutocracies pretending to be Democracies the doors are open for the proliferation of Islamic Jihad via migration, immigration and ‘the womb’. 

This remaining century and the next century will reveal the realities here presented.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)

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