It is totally understandable that much of these commentaries are not taken seriously.  Today, the world is drowning in commentary, blogs, videos, movies, documentaries, religious programs, hateful music videos and on and on.  It may be that no one person could ever count how many are in quantum transmission, simultaneously, every moment in time.  But, that’s exactly why I have been mandated to continue with this commentary.

We are not ready for a number of things that must and will happen eventually.  The ‘mentors’ are very specific about what must occur in the human species prior to a straightforward revealing and relationship with us.  And, if you look with open eyes and mind you will make the same conclusions.

For example, a current event in America is a mass shooting in an elementary school.  Many others have occurred.  As horrific as this is and all the ‘voices’ crying out about it and blaming each other and groups for the insanity of it, the real reason is too personal, obvious, and simple, for a general public to admit to.  Our youth is surrounded and inundated with violence in the name of entertainment and free speech.  Most video games involve killing for the best score, movies without rapid fire guns, car chases and flamboyant car crashes, lots of explosions, people mutilating each other, brain-dead profanity, opulent lifestyles that are embarrassing and unrealistic, education systems run by fools, politics as corrupt/arrogant and deceiving as it can get away with, are only a few obvious examples of why our youth (and all ages) become callous and psychotic.

Wholesome and mature home environments are becoming a rarity.  Grown bodies with uncultivated childish minds raising children are a common scene.  Sporting events where getting as intoxicated as possible is something to brag about is a fine example for our children? The pressures and stress of overpopulated cities and regions where the individual loses a sense of self-significance and manifested insecurity create any number of psychological anomalies.

The struggle for an education and knowledge is unique to each culture and place on the globe.  As admirable as this ambition is it is also managed and served by as much perversion within its formats as it is in search of reality and the tools to think and contribute to a rational world.  The denial of an education is prevalent in some corners of the planet as a control device for an insecure gender.  Equality is, and has always been, a concept that threatens the power structures within families and religions, and entire cultures.  And, it is only fair to note this ‘threat factor’ applies to both genders.

Most significantly, our religions are the roots of our greatest and subtle inhumanities.  As wonderful as the innate principles within most religions truly are, the self-righteous and exclusive doctrines that override their virtues are the spiritual arrogances that foster our inhumanities; and, create the divisions and ‘cultisms’ that separate us from each other.

We are not ready.  I have recently been made even more aware of this as religions are now trying to get ahead of the times.  As they have become more aware that we are not alone in the universe, and this awareness is manifesting among the global populous, many religions (and vocal individuals) are capitalizing on this eventuality by proclaiming the prophecies of their own making.  Unfortunately, there are, and will be, multitudes who will buy this ‘pig in a poke’ as a way to preserve their heretofore ignorance of the realities of the universe.    Yet, the progression toward a more prepared human population is inching its way along the road to acceptability without its current ineptitudes.  It is humbling to witness the enlightened love and patience the ‘Mentors’ possess, how they are so wise in the manner and selectivity they apply in helping us, and those moments (thus far) they have prevented us from our self-destruction.  It seems, at times, they have more faith in us than we do in ourselves.

It is difficult to stay aware of our realities, the daily inhumanities of the human conduct, and also remain focused on the goodness within us, the potentials innate to our deepest consciousness.  It requires a peculiar fortitude to maintain the balance between our raw reality and our divine aspirations.  Yet, both are required in the authenticity of spiritual evolution.  The old saying “one can be so earthly they are of no heavenly good or so heavenly they are not worth an earthly damn” is a fact.

Ignoring reality is inviting illusions and fantasies.  Any responsible traveler should know where he/she is in order to know where to go.  Denial of our realities makes us wanderers often going in circles, caught in repetitious cycles with the illusion we are going somewhere.  This is applicable to each individual as well as entire cultures and civilizations.

The essence of this subject could go on and on, with endless examples of history and individuals (including you and I).  The concern of our neighbors in this universe is that we are ‘repetitious’.  We have been at this point a number of times before and in danger of the same results.  Again, the old saying “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.  With this in mind, being vividly aware of our past and present, the good and bad of it, is imperative should we aspire to a better world.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)


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