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(A segment of the commentary written in 1987 and first published in The American Editorial Free Press in 1995.)


The first thing America, as a people, must do is to get over the old cliché’ “we are a nation of immigrants”.  Every geography and nation in the world today is a result of invasion and/or immigration.  There are no exceptions as one authentically researches the history of every single square foot of our planet occupied by humans.

Regarding America, the nation, only the 100% Native Americans are indigenous; yet, if one is to go far enough into history, they, too, are the result of some form of migration and/or invasion.

If a national society is to preserve itself and the virtues it has unprecedently manifested regarding those most sought liberties and freedoms it need only focus upon Preservation and its Sovereignty and  the wisdoms of its constitutional structure.  Among the most essential responsibilities for this preservation is a severe vetting and limitation of immigration.

Ignoring, or negligence, of this responsibility will be the foremost demise of America.  There comes a time when we, as a people and its governing bodies, grow up and come to grips with the reality we are no longer an ‘expansionist’ nation.  Amending our mentality from ‘expansionism’ to ‘preservationist’ is, in reality, maturity.  To date, in all observations, we are still children suffering an illusion of invincibility.

II These Inconvenient Truths

The first and only mandate given to the first executor (President) of America was “to protect the sovereignty of the colonies and its people”.  This is the fundamental responsibility of our entire leadership and its congresses and agencies; Yet, for decades, it is the one job they have failed to perform and continue in this failure.  In all fairness, the political arena is merely a reflection of ‘we the people’.  The responsibility and accountability lie with us, individually, as well.    

We no longer have the luxury of being a stupid people and recovering from failures and bad judgement.  We are no longer capable of absorbing unlimited populations and the burdens of these impact upon a limited law of supply and demand in virtually every aspect of our nation’s existence and capacity to sustain itself.

Despite all efforts of denial by a youthful, adolescent nation, we have limitations.  And, as with any individual or group or nation, failure to recognize and adjust to this reality will be our demise.

Many of us watched and listened to Mr. Khruschev (of the USSR) as he addressed the United Nations and pounded his shoe on the podium and declared “Communism will not need to invade America or any other nation as it/they will become communist from within”.  Much of this truth will manifest from the irresponsible and delinquent ineptitudes of our governments.  Likewise, as our educational institutions become ‘cultures of intellectual entitlement and covert idealisms’, indoctrinating generations of youthful gullibility, the perpetuation of degradation regarding constitutional integrity will foster the replacement of liberty with totalitarianism.

These ‘inconvenient truths’ are and will become more self-evident; yet, denied by leaderships, the media and institutions of self-assumed expertise.  A significant portion of the nation’s populus will show their weak minds, their momentary self-interests, and support the demise of America while enjoying and treasuring the very thing they are assisting in its destruction. 

It is ‘invasion’, a total disregard for the sovereignty of our nation by those invading, those assisting and profiting by it, and those in political office who are inept-corrupted-fearful-ignorant-apathetic-covertly expediting it.

III The Foreseeings. (Published in 1987)

For those who can accept clairvoyance, ‘time-vision’, the following are events witnessed in transcendent meditations through these present years of 1985-86. These items were first published, in manuscript, in the year 1987.  Over time, and within the timeframes presented, these events, in their various forms, will occur.  There are always opportunities and alternatives that can alter eventualities.  ‘Time-visions’ are a manifestation of the past and present as they maintain their course.

  1. A subtle progression of Marxism will infiltrate all levels of government and education in America and the majority of nations on this planet.
  2. The natural law ‘Adversity is innate to Diversity’ has been, and will continue to be, a tool utilized by the Marxist/Totalitarian elite. This, with other diversions, will create a multi-divide among nations.
  3. As Marxists become leaders the sovereignty of nations will be eliminated by massive immigration. *This is an essential ingredient in the objectives of a ‘One World Order’ managed by a select plutocracy.
  4. A specific example of item 3: South America, and especially Mexica, consider North America to be both their enemies and opportunities for ‘expansion’ and ‘exploitation’.  Over the next four and five decades, these nations will encourage and expedite a massive migration invasion of North America.  It is a policy of ‘human exportation’. This will serve as a relief valve for internal pressures as populations are exported northward, establish organizations for marketing narcotics/human trafficking/infiltration into the political structures/internal social and ideological conflict/financial burdens and result in the eventuality of North America becoming an assortment of nations and territories much like Europe and South America.
  5. America will commit to at least two major wars in the next thirty years. Each will be costly, long and America will lose.
  6. Major conflicts in Eastern Europe will continue as they have for centuries.
  7. Europe will form a synthetic union that will eventually be the demise of Europe, in culture, economics and civil conflicts.
  8. A new ‘Axis’ will form in the early 21st century. It will be composed of at least four nations with nuclear war capability.  They will eventually use it.
  9. The subject, and acceptance, of very intelligent alien life in the universe, and relevant to our planet, will become prominent. Acknowledgement by governments and science, along with actual contact, will occur in the early half of the next century.
  10. Most nations, including America, will be bankrupt. New forms of currency and financial systems will arise.  The reasons are simple, as economics 101 is totally ignored in lieu of welfare and bureaucratic opulence and political expediencies.  In a competitive global world, those who control the monetary devices of exchange control global events.
  11. Global travel, global transport of goods, global migrations and the use of viral warfare will introduce (and reintroduce) diseases and infectious microbes on a global scale. This will significantly reduce the human population.  In addition, drugs, pharmaceuticals and chemicals in foods/water and commercial beverages will result in global sterility.
  12. Religions will be confronted with reality. The spiritual values of religions will struggle as the dogmas and exclusiveness innate within them are rejected by future generations.  Unfortunately, a great variety of cults (many with retroactive paganism and savagery) will rise.
  13. The dominant motivations for conflicts and wars will be over natural resources and control of food-producing lands and distribution.
  14. A new form of communication will arise. The entire populous will have the opportunity to communicate. This will introduce the greatest opportunities for good things.  However, it will be dominated by opening doors for the worst of motives in media, in commerce, ideological and religious indoctrinations and political empowerment.
  15. Political cults will substantially succeed in assuming control of the youth and removing parenting from the authority and responsibility for the morality and paradigms of personal and social responsibility.
  16. The galaxy is in realignments and within it is the responsive effects of the sun. The earths’ climate is always in a state of flux and change.  However, the next century will be in a more concise transition; thus, more evident.  The planet will shift slightly in polarity.  Volcanic activity will increase.  As the permafrost thaws the trapped gases and microbes will be released.   Oceans will noticeably rise.
  17. The shifting and ambiguities of gender roles will deliberately create a very complex social structure in many societies. Many people in positions of influence will have significant insecurities, gender hostilities, and low self-esteem.  They will insert these inadequacies upon the youth in an effort to perpetuate their
  18. A form of deductive intelligence will be developed. It will become a variant of ‘animate intelligence’ and be integrated into other technologies.  This eventuality will be the greatest single nemesis to the survival of the human species.
  19. Humans will land on Mars. The obstacles will inhibit this venture for some time.
  20. The remaining populous on this planet will become aware of, accept and be involved in the Quantum realities of space and time.

Global migration and invasionary immigration are profound elements in all of the above.

Four Decades Later – A Personal Note

It was 1983.  Some personal tragedies, mostly of my own doing, resulted in spending time alone in Colorado.  A friend had work for me as a carpenter on some condominiums.

It was winter with a heavy snow in Colorado Springs and work had stopped.  I decided to drive south and see the countryside.  Frankly, it was a sad time for me and getting out and being active was healthy.

Along a state road was a small sign that read ‘Needle Rock’.  It was a number of miles through the foothills but I decided to venture that way.  A strong voice was telling me to go there.

At that time, Needle Rock was simply an isolated place in the middle of nowhere.  I liked it.  There was actually a Needle-like Rock.

I camped at the base of it.  It was chilly weather but I needed the quietude and meditated most of the time.

On the second evening, a gentleman camped next to me.  He was elderly, obviously Native American, quiet and friendly.  We began to visit.

The conversations led to confessions.  He said he was a Shaman and spent a lot of time at the Rock.  It had a special vortex and was sacred to his people.

To be brief, ‘transcendence’ in meditations was always easy for me.  Yet, I had never experienced ‘Time-Vision’ in its manifested form. 

The above commentary and 20 specific eventualities reflect this event at Needle Rock.  It was written immediately after this event and later put in print.

For those who may be curious:  It is not a pleasant thing to know the future.  I, personally, find it a burden and it often alienates me from others.

However, for those who have actually read the books available, the perspectives and purposes will be better understood.

The great optimism within all matters of life is that the freedom to alter events is always there for those who choose to do so.

The ‘Mentors’ have mandated this to me and I forward it to you. Simple, eccentric and mundane as it may seem to many, that’s my job.  Please know I always prefer being silent and going fishing.   

Clay (

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