Warning:  You may have impulsive descriptive adjectives as you review this index.  The Ministry of Truth is listening, as well as the person next to you.  Incorrect ‘Identity References’ on your part are subject to prosecution whereby you are assumed gender ignorant and/or prejudiced: and, you will be subject to fines, extensive censorship, reorientation counseling and/or imprisonment.

Premenstrual person.

Trans-premenstrual person.

Early menstrual person.

Trans-early-menstrual person.

Current menstrual person.

Current trans-menstrual person.

Post-menstrual person.

Trans-post-menstrual person.


Pre-Adolescence Non-menstrual person.

Current non-menstrual person.

Current trans-non-menstrual person.

Post-non-menstrual person.

Trans-post-non-menstrual person.

Note: Prefixes and suffixes are pending according to sexual preferences within each primary index.


Of course, this seems a bit ridiculous, but it is approaching a reality as the delusional cult of ‘Wokeness’ worms its way into governments and a weak society.  The scent of its presence now sets on our highest court as individuals within it cannot define what a woman or man really is.

It has been said, “Evil prevails when good people do nothing”.  In our complex world evil can take many subtle forms.  Perhaps ‘Wokeness’ is such a form.

Clay (The Universal Infidel)



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