Yes, I Remember You.  (1970)  Clay Howard

Yes, I remember you.
It was in those early wisps
Of consciousness,
Long before the galaxies
Made order of light
Within the dark mind
Of an awakening god.

And, within such a gods’ dream
There came those countless lifelettes,
Like a long misting rain,
Scattered in whimsy
By the slightest breath
Of a breathless wind.

Yes, I remember you.
It was at first light
Among the abyss of the cosmos
When we had just awakened
To our own reality,
Like sweet children rising,
Stretching their new forms
In the early dawn.

You were a golden child,
Full of life’s laughter,
Enchanted by each wonder
Of each moment,
Eager for flight through dimensions
As though a bird among the clouds.

I, too, was sconced with vigor,
Dashing onward to the unknown
In search of a wordless destiny;
Yet, I recall that moment
When our new souls touched….
The pause, the unspoken pledge,
To meet again.

Yes, I remember you.
It was in the early seas
Of countless planets,
Dashing about in schools of fish,
In the communes of mammoth whales,
The harborage of nesting cliffs
As faithful fowl.

I recall your warmth,
Nestled in borrows
Through long winter sleeps
And our transcendences
Beyond the body,
At play in regions sublime and kind.

We have raced on hoof,
Both lean and free,
Across prairies of grass
And grazed in meadows
Lush with Spring sprouting.
We have touched and played
As long familiar friends.

Through the expanse
Of time and space
We have come together,
For lifetimes, for brief passings,
If only for one assuring moment,
As if to share the gatherings
Of our unique journeys.

And, now you find me
Among the beaches of stone.
I have waited in the sun,
Laid silently in the rain,
Traveled the fury of rivers,
Adrift, with faint visions
Of you somewhere along the way.

There have been risings
In my deep, silent moments,
Above and beyond the mortal vessels,
And you have come to me
For a tender touch of mind.
We have wept silently
Then vanished from one-another.

Yes, I remember you,
My timeless friend,
As we meet in our early autumn
As creatures profound and delicate.
Our presence heals our absence.
My heart is awing
And the moment is a gift.

I am humbled by your presence,
Intent upon our transience,
Just as a flowers’ bloom
Is a seeds’ grand journey.
And, in blends of mystery,
We are fragrant gifts to each other,
Making consummate what each knows
Is the grand purpose of our journeys.

I offer you myself, unconditional,
Harmless, and without price,
Without restraint of reservation,
Unabashed, and with gifts.

I offer you love and freedom,
Goodwill unbridled and gentle,
As a timeless friend
I offer you priceless things….
Walks in warm rains,
Admiration of your souls’ light,
The serenity of moonlight swims,
Silence while napping
In soft Bermuda grass
In the warm sunlight.

I offer the friendship of attention,
Focused upon the depth of your words,
A steadfast shoulder as you weep.

I offer you good cheer
As you challenge yourself
And good humor in your failures
And successes.

I offer a wind when you want to fly,
An anchor when you feel adrift,
Patience when you are out of step,
A warm blanket when you are cold,
A consoling hand in sickness.

I will joyfully follow in your whimsies
And lead when you want a guide.
The true course of things is endless.
We cast our time upon the endless waters,
Each a drama melancholy sweet,
Heroes and heroines unrelenting,
Merely passing on to the next chapter.

In its’ course and plot
There is one certainty….
Our paths will cross again
And, yes, I will remember you.

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